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Classified! was an activity book published by Penguin Character Books.

Publisher's summary Edit


This dossier contains top-secret facts and files about an alien known only as the "Doctor". Use the 3-D glasses enclosed to bring the Doctor and his adventures to life — if you dare...

Subject matter Edit

  • The focus of this book is the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler's adventures from Rose to The Parting of the Ways, presented as a series of case files with six 3-D pages throughout including centre page double-spread.

Notable features Edit

  • Rose Tyler's address is specifically given as 48 Bucknall House, Powell Estate, London.
  • A closing note to the files is from General Muriel Frost, Strategic Adviser to UNIT.
  • A pair of blue/green 3-D glasses are attached inside the back cover.

Notes Edit

  • The fact that the Doctor is forced to regenerate at the end of The Parting of the Ways is withheld.
  • Priced £3.99 (UK), this was one of a series of activity tie-in books released at "pocket money" prices.

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