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Classic Who: The Hinchcliffe Years was a Doctor Who reference book published by Boxtree.

Subject matter Edit

A behind-the-scenes look at the Fourth Doctor's adventures from The Ark in Space through to The Talons of Weng-Chiang and producer Philip Hinchcliffe.

Publisher's summary Edit

When Tom Baker first took over as Doctor Who in December 1974, the programme entered perhaps its most critically acclaimed period. From The Ark in Space to The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Who fans witnessed some of the timelord's (sic) most talked about adventures. These classic episodes fell under the supervision of Philip Hinchcliffe.

Classic Who: The Hinchcliffe Years looks in detail at these golden days. Adrian Rigelsford has worked closely with Philip Hinchcliffe himself to bring us for the first time fascinating behind-the-scenes details of the sixteen stories in question.

Drawing also on the memories of numerous directors and actors from the period, and lavishly illustrating their accounts with well over 150 beautiful photographs and illustrations, many of them never-before-seen, Adrian Rigelsford brings us the most in-depth investigation yet written of this period that many see as one of the creative high-points of Doctor Who.

  • Foreword by Philip Hinchcliffe
  • Rare and exclusive behind the scenes material
  • 150 stunning rare photographs

Contents Edit

Author's Introduction
  • Chapter One: The Next Regeneration
  • Chapter Two: Reconstructing the Myth
  • Chapter Three: Bohemian Rhapsodies
  • Chapter Four: Looking through Cracks in Doors
  • Chapter Five: The Galactic Renaissance Man
  • Chapter Six: Lost Horizons
  • Appendix One: Cast & Crew Listings
  • Appendix Two: Broadcast Dates & Viewing Figures
  • Appendix Three: Lost Stories
The Foe from the Future
The Lost Valley

Notable features Edit

  • The book is packed with behind the scenes pictures and is illustrated throughout.
  • Philip Hinchcliffe had recently reviewed his notes and watched for the first time in nearly twenty years, all of his Doctor Who stories prior to giving his interview with the author.
  • Two lost stories are included. The Foe from the Future by Robert Banks Stewart is presented as a five out of six episode brief outline and The Lost Valley by Philip Hinchcliffe as an overall story outline.

Notes Edit

  • This was an unofficial title not licensed by the BBC.
  • The dustjacket (a photographic composite) was designed by Shoot That Tiger covering a plain black hard cover.
  • The book was designed by Dan Newman.

Publication history Edit

  • Originally scheduled for release in October 1995, publication was delayed and this title was finally released the following year priced £14.99 (UK).
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