Class D15 was a Miss Shah's history class at Coal Hill Academy, in the Barbara Wright Building. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart) Among Miss Shah's students were April MacLean, Charlie Smith, M. B. Okonjo and a female student. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

Posters at the back of the class were on the Industrial Revolution, the Norman Conquest of 1066, the Tudors, "searching for rights and freedoms in the 20th century". Other posters were a timeline from the year 0 to 2000 AD, a National Portrait Gallery poster on Mary, Queen of Scots, and a Keep Calm, Learn French Revolution sign. Flags of many different countries hung above those posters. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

On 27 October 2016, Miss Quill and the Inspector ran into this classroom when a Leaf Dragon was chasing after them. She barricaded the door with one of the desks, but it broke the door down and came through anyway.

A dragon enters the classroom. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

Quill pushed the Inspector toward the dragon, and as it took him apart, she discovered he was a robot. Miss Quill led the dragon out of the classroom, and ran outside the building. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

The next month, after the door had been repaired, Miss Shah taught about the Battle of Dunkirk: 26 May - 4 June 1940. On the whiteboard, she weighed why it was a failure and why it was a success, also listing the losses and fatalities.

She asked her students to imagine they were one of the soldiers being evacuated, to learn about the mind-set of a soldier. M. B. Okonjo asked if he was about to get bombed.

Miss Shah teaches about the Battle of Dunkirk. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

April MacLean was taken over by Corakinus during this lesson, and claimed that the soldiers at Dunkirk were cowards, making the bold statement that a soldier signs up to die. M. B. Okonjo and Miss Shah herself agreed that that was a bit harsh. Another student revealed that her father was in the army, and said that he didn't sign up to die. April also said that cowards should be weeded out of every army and, finally, pronounced that the soldiers at Dunkirk should have stayed, and died in battle. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)