Clara Oswald and the School of Death was the eighth story of the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic series published in 2016. It was the first story of the second year of the series and saw a restart of the issue numbering, with the series now taking place during the events of the ninth series. The story featured the surprise return of the Sea Devils.

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The gothic, sprawling Ravenscaur is the top private school in the UK, educator of the children of royalty, politicians and celebrities, and epicentre of generations of power and influence. When an old friend of Clara's dies at the school under mysterious circumstances, she and the Twelfth Doctor go undercover to investigate.

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Late at Ravenscaur School, Christel Dean is packing up her things, when a piece of chalk lifts up and writes on the chalkboard, "I must not murder my teacher." She runs out of the school, and as she drives away, leaves a voicemail for her friend Clara. A group of students appear in the middle of the road, and Christel swerves into a tree. As the children approach her, she runs onto a bridge, where the water rises and she is attacked by a sea creature.

Meanwhile, the Twelfth Doctor is being harassed by an alien in the bar of a starliner. He uses the sonic sunglasses to hack into the aliens' jetpacks, sending them flying, and hops into the TARDIS with an extra drink for Clara.

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Clara Edit

  • Clara's outgoing voicemail message is, "Hi, it's Clara. I'm either banging my head against a brick wall trying to teach Class 2B Shakespeare, or, y'know, out saving the universe."
  • It is confirmed that Clara attended teacher's college.

Sea Devils Edit

  • Clara notes that Sea Devils are less sophisticated and more savage than Silurians.
  • Sea Devil hatchlings communicate via sonic telepathy.

Notes Edit

  • The character of Christel Dean is named for, and takes the likeness of, actor Christel Dee, host of the BBC-produced webseries The Fan Show.
  • For the first time, we see what the Doctor sees through his sonic sunglasses.
  • The story implies that Clara has taken a leave from Coal Hill School given that she is able to take on a full-time (if temporary) teaching position at Ravenscaur. At the end of the story, the Doctor offers to take her back to Coal Hill.
  • A running joke in the story involves the Doctor taking on a new "companion" - a stuffed swordfish he names Sonny.
  • In keeping with the format of a number of series 9 stories, the Doctor and Clara spend much of the story separated.
  • The presence of two Osgoods dates this story as happening after the events of TV: The Zygon Inversion.

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