Clara Oswald owned a flat in Coal Hill while working at Coal Hill School. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death) It was number 63 in the building. (TV: The Caretaker)

History Edit

On 25 December 2013, Clara had Christmas dinner with her father, step-mother, and grandmother. The celebrations were disrupted by the Eleventh Doctor, who dragged Clara to the planet Trenzalore. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Clara did not spend the next Christmas at her flat. (TV: Last Christmas)

The evening after the Coal Hill school year ended, Clara was marking her students' GCSEs in her flat when the Twelfth Doctor took her to a scientific expedition in many centuries in her future. Later, when she was knocked unconscious by a time fluctuation on the Phaeron prison planet, Clara dreamed that she was back in her flat sleeping in her cosy bed. (PROSE: Deep Time)

While trapped in a Zygon pod, Clara manipulated Bonnie from a dreamscape version of her flat. (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

In the September of 2015, the Twelfth Doctor visited Clara's flat to pick her up for their weekly adventure. He found a note left for him that told him she got a job at Ravenscaur School to investigate Christel Dean's disappearance. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death)

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