Claire Aldwych was a journalist for the Conspiracy Channel before getting involved with a problem involving the Sixth Doctor and the Brigadier.

Aldwych believed that it was what happened behind the camera and not in front of it that was important, which was why she defied her mother's wishes for her to become an actress. Although she regarded the Doctor as either crazy or shunning normality to find conformity by wearing his coat, she quickly grew fond of him and the Brigadier, recognising in the Brigadier someone who didn't take orders as well as he gave them.

Having discovered alien imps present in an abandoned village called Turelhampton, Claire later received a tape from her colleague, Brian Goldman, who remembered a documentary she did on the last days of Adolf Hitler. She was terrified because he'd stumbled across a Nazi ceremony led by a man who appeared to be Hitler himself. Showing the tape to the Doctor and the Brigadier, who had discovered an alien ship at Turelhampton, the three of them were able to deduce that the Nazis had acquired alien technology capable of seeing the future in a raid on the village, later trips into the past allowing them to discover that Eva Braun had survived her 'death', having been smuggled away from Berlin in 1945 because she was pregnant with Hitler's child.

Tracking Hitler Jr to a Nazi base in Antarctica, the Doctor was forced to take Hitler's son back in time to meet his father. Fortunately, Hitler was convinced that his son was merely a madman and shot him. Claire was separated from the Doctor and the Brigadier while trying to escape their captors. Before she could rejoin them, she was killed by Martin Bormann to serve as Eva's double, leaving the Doctor and the Brigadier devastated at her death. (PROSE: The Shadow in the Glass)