Lifting Hade

Gatherer Hade is attacked by rebels. (TV: The Sun Makers)

The "Citizens' Revolution" was the name given to a rebellion against the Company's rule of Megropolis One, Pluto.

History Edit

When the Fourth Doctor and Leela arrived on Pluto they met Mandrel and his fellow outlaws, who lived in the undercity beneath Megropolis One. The Doctor managed to convince him that an attack on Main Control to disable the output of PCM — a mind controlling drug — could lead to the Company's defeat. Mandrel sent the rest of the outlaws out into the city to stir up rebellion amongst the population.

The Doctor, Bisham, Cordo and Mandrel headed to Main Control and disabled the vapour towers. Mandrel then kept the PCM temperature at 70 centigrade so that it no longer had any effect. This, coupled with the dissent brewed by the other outlaws, resulted in mass defiance of the Company's rule. The Doctor rescued Leela from the steamer and together they took control of the public video system and had it broadcast a public bulletin announcing a rebel victory, the public's complete reliance on the broadcasts reinforcing the idea that the revolution was a success even before it had completed.

Gatherer Hade was killed when he confronted a group of rebels on the rooftop. They attacked him and threw him over the edge. The Collector — the Company's representative on Pluto — reverted to his natural form, a seaweed-like creature, as he was unable to cope with the rapid changes in the economy. With his defeat, the rebellion took control of Megropolis One. (TV: The Sun Makers)

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