While the Ulian Empire was at war with the Quintani, to avoid anonymous assassination threats aimed at her, Princess Cilia was placed on a spaceship staffed with Ulian robots.

By the time the war had ended and the Tenth Doctor tracked a distress signal to the ship, the princess wasn't on board. The robots attacked the Doctor, unwittingly shrinking him into one of the presents the robots put themselves inside to find Cilia on Earth. The robots mistakenly brought Ana Comparetto on board and dressed her like the princess. The Doctor used one of the robots' "magic wands" to transmat back on board with Mason Valentin. The Doctor told the robots that they had brought the wrong person and they needed his help to find her. After being returned to normal size, the Doctor was able to track Princess Cilia, returned Mason and Ana to Earth, and told Cilia to order her robots to bring her back to Ulian Alpha. (PROSE: The Doctor on My Shoulder)

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