The Church of the Outsiders was a cult that believed that the next stage of human evolution was to leave Earth and breed with alien races.

History Edit

The Church was founded by Steve Ross, who left Major Comics after excessive interference with his scripts from the editors. His first book was The Outsiders' Manifesto. He believed that humans needed to breed with alien races in order to evolve and that aliens already lived on Earth as hiders. The Church believed that organisations like Torchwood should not cover up the existence of aliens nor keep their technology from humanity at large.

Its members lived in communes and had to do consultations with their co-pilots, focusing on how they did not belong and what they disliked most about themselves. Some members were grinders, known by other members as Greys, and sewed alien faces onto theirs and inserted robotics into their limbs and voice changers. A number of its members knew of Jack Harkness from online.

Steve Ross died in 1993, after which his widow Val Ross took over, with accountant Frank Layton. Although the Church was not considered to be a religion in the United Kingdom, they were declared a non-profit organisation thanks to Layton in 2003, giving them considerable tax breaks. They were worth a huge amount of money, which they gained through selling courses to its members. They had a free TV channel called Outsiders TV, which showed footage from their conventions and served to advertise the Church.

The church came to the attention of Torchwood Cardiff after some members broke into a UNIT storage facility. Ianto Jones infiltrated the church by pretending to join whilst Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato gathered information and Gwen Cooper looked into Andromeda Ross. Jack Harkness was already involved with them due to his feeling of isolation being stuck in Cardiff.

The church was ridiculed thanks to Jack's efforts, causing a number of members to leave. Andromeda was consigned to Whitecliff and Val locked herself away. Erin Lewis remained and believed that the true believers would rebuild. (AUDIO: Believe)

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