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Christopher Marlowe

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Christopher "Kit" Marlowe was an Elizabethan playwright who rivalled William Shakespeare, (PROSE: Master Faustus) characterised by Jack Harkness as a "poet, spy and one sexy bastard." (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack) He was a Cousin of Faction Paradox. (PROSE: Raleigh Dreaming)

The Ninth Doctor made passing reference to Rose Tyler that the Doctor would be willing to make a pass at Marlowe if the situation called for it, in contrast to William Shakespeare, whom the Doctor claimed was "very straight". (COMIC: A Groatsworth of Wit) Marlowe, in fact, flirted extensively with the First Doctor's companion Steven Taylor. (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)


Marlowe, Edward Kelley and Shakespeare were supposedly involved in some trouble with Psionovores invading through a scrying stone. (PROSE: Apocrypha Bipedium)

Marlowe was one of the founding members of the Scoundrels Club. (PROSE: Dismemberment)

In 1590, he met the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown when he was trying to write a play, about Dr Faustus. He consulted with Lorenzo Velez for information. He travelled through the astral plane. (AUDIO: Point of Entry)

He met with Jack Harkness and John Hart who showed him a hoard of gold. (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack)


History recorded that Marlowe died on 30 May 1593 (PROSE: All Done with Mirrors) in a tavern in Deptford, (PROSE: Master Faustus, Raleigh Dreaming) although accounts differ to as to whether this was true.

According to one account, his death had been planned by other members of Faction Paradox who thought that he was overly ambitious. (PROSE: Raleigh Dreaming)

Marlowe encountering Daleks during his travels with the Master. (PROSE: Master Faustus)

A second account indicated that the Master tried to prevent Marlowe's death by taking him away from Deptford shortly before he was scheduled to die. Marlowe travelled with the Master for some time before accepting fate and returning to Deptford to be stabbed to death by Dullberry and Dobbin. (PROSE: Master Faustus)

According to a third account, Marlowe had travelled to the colony of Roanoke in Virginia to spy on Sir Walter Raleigh. While there, he and the rest of the colony were abducted by the Greld, who would use them in their plan to sabotage the Armageddon Convention. He actually died in 1609 in the company of Steven Taylor, following injuries sustained in a duel with Tomasso Nicolotti. (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)

A fourth account stated that the Fourth Doctor posed as Marlowe and pretended to die, to allow history to take its course. Marlowe then assumed his alternate identity, William Shakespeare. He lived under this identity for another 23 years. (PROSE: All Done with Mirrors)

Another account held that Marlowe was stabbed to death by the Time Agent John Hart after he had sex with him alongside Jack Harkness. (AUDIO: The Death of Captain Jack)

City of the Saved[]

Marlowe was resurrected in the City of the Saved. Krisztina-Judit Németh guessed that he may have been at a masked ball held by Allisheer St Marx. (PROSE: Unification Theory)

Behind the scenes[]