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Christopher Barry (born Christopher Chisholm Barry on 20 September 1925 in Greenwich, London, died 7 February 2014[1]) directed several Doctor Who television stories, beginning with several episodes of the first Dalek story.

He was one of only three people to direct Doctor Who television stories featuring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker; the other two were Douglas Camfield and Lennie Mayne.

He appeared uncredited as the one of the previous incarnations of the Doctor featured in The Brain of Morbius which he directed. It is the only episode that he directed for which he kept the script, as well as keeping his original photograph as the Doctor that was used for the sequence. (DWM 541) He is the only one not to reappear in The Timeless Children.


His other television credits included Compact, Smuggler's Bay, Paul Temple, Z-Cars, Poldark, The Onedin Line, All Creatures Great and Small, Juliet Bravo, Dramarama and other science fiction series, which include Out of the Unknown, Moonbase 3 and The Tripods.


Barry spent his retirement living in Oxfordshire and died on 7 February 2014 following a fall down an escalator at a shopping centre in Banbury[2].

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He was distantly related to fellow Doctor Who director Morris Barry. (INFO: The Creature from the Pit)


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