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Christmas Day

Christmas Day was traditionally observed on 25 December, following Christmas Eve of 24 December. It was followed by Boxing Day on 26 December. (AUDIO: Castle of Fear)

Christmas dinner, which traditionally featured a turkey, was eaten on this day. During this dinner, Christmas crackers were pulled, containing Christmas hats and jokes, while "classy" crackers contained poems. (TV: Children in Need Special, The Christmas Invasion, The Time of the Doctor)


In 2006, the Tenth Doctor had Christmas dinner with Rose, Jackie and Mickey at the Powell Estate. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)

In 2007, the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe celebrated Christmas with the Cracker family. (PROSE: The Crackers)

The Eighth Doctor tried to take Lucie Miller home for Christmas with her family in 2009, but they arrived a year early. (AUDIO: Death in Blackpool) He later tried to make it up to her by having a Christmas get together with his own family. (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions)

In 2013, after an absence of two years, the Eleventh Doctor finally reunited with Amy Pond and Rory Williams at their home in London, joining them for Christmas dinner. They saved a place at the table for him every year. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Clara Oswald once lied to her family about having a boyfriend, and subsequently invited the Eleventh Doctor to Christmas dinner and had him pretend to be said boyfriend. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

In 2015, Erimem, Andy Hansen, Ibrahim Hadmani, Helena and Matt Hansen celebrated Christmas together in Ibrahim and Helena's flat. (PROSE: In Search of Doctor X)

In 2058, the crew of Bowie Base One celebrated their first Christmas on Mars. They ate dehydrated protein for Christmas dinner. (TV: The Waters of Mars)