Cousin Eliza, originally named Christine Summerfield and later called Horus, was a human clone from a bottle universe who joined Faction Paradox and aided Cousin Justine in her quest to save the universe from Lolita.


Blonde girl[]

A blonde girl was born on 15 August, 1948 in the bottle universe. She lost her virginity at the age of 15 and had an interest in serial killers like Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson. She was also fascinated with the supernatural, often visiting the seer Lady Diamond.

Christine Summerfield[]

Chris Cwej was sent by his employers to prepare a bottle universe for their colonisation of its Earth. To open the bottle and allow for the invasion, Chris needed to ritually murder three people at specific times and places within the bottle London. However, he could not bring himself to kill the bottle's intelligent inhabitants, so he planned to create three clones with a cloning tank, provide them with full memory patterns from the blonde girl, and sacrifice them before they became fully aware. He named these clones "Christine Summerfield" after himself as his friend Bernice Summerfield. While he was able to kill the first two according to plan, the third Christine escaped and became fully aware before he could kill her.

She was found babbling and screaming in an abandoned building site just before midnight on 27 September 1970. After being taken to the local police station, she met Cwej and started sleeping with him before discovering the truth about her universe and her creation. Eventually, Cwej created and sacrificed a fourth Christine, opening the way for the Great Houses' invasion of the bottle universe.

Christine escaped the bottle and entered the main universe; after being dropped off on Ordifica, she visited colony worlds including Shristostophon, Gardener's World, Hai Dow Seven, Lubellin, Shatner's Climax and Ultra Caprisis. Christine eventually visited the ruins of the Homeworld, where she wrote most of her autobiography before heading towards Dellah. At the time, she was 23 years old. (PROSE: Dead Romance) Christine later sent a letter to Bernice Summerfield, where she said that she took a post at a university on the planet Vremnya. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

When still in the bottle universe, Christine had recurring nightmares about being trapped in an old house, filled with shadow, which was populated and maintained by a family of dusty skeletons. Though she always tried to escape at the start, she would consistently become lost in the shadows, and by the end of the dream she would have forgotten why she wanted to leave, having become one of the family herself. She always woke up with her fingers in her mouth, checking if she still had lips. (PROSE: Dead Romance)


At some point, she joined Faction Paradox and took on the name Eliza. Little Sister Eliza was in the Eleven-Day Empire when Little Brother Porsena joined, and she explained to him that it was only blackened by soot because the original London was. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

Eliza had attained the rank of Cousin by the time that The Book of the War was published, around the War's fiftieth year. (PROSE: Faction Paradox)

Eliza and Justine fought the Sontarans during their invasion of the Eleven-Day Empire. Later, when the Great Houses arrived to offer reconciliation with House Paradox, Eliza greeted Lord Ruthven on behalf of Godfather Morlock. (AUDIO: The Eleven Day Empire) Eliza and Justine survived the destruction of the Eleven-Day Empire, and they planned to save the surviving members of the Faction from Lolita. (AUDIO: The Shadow Play) Eliza broke Justine out of the Great Houses' prison planet with the help of criminals and newly freed members of Faction Paradox. (AUDIO: A Labyrinth of Histories)

Eliza was represented by the character Kishijoten in the film Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom. (PROSE: The Book of the War)


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To prevent Sutekh from gaining control of the Osirian Court, Anubis merged Eliza's biodata with Osiris's; together, they became Horus. Lolita added a drop of her own biodata to the mixture. (AUDIO: Ozymandias)

Sutekh proposed a fight to the death with Horus to settle the claim to the throne; Horus died in the fight, but not before defeating Sutekh and leading 740 Osirians to defeat Lolita on the Homeworld. (AUDIO: The Judgment of Sutekh)

When inducting his earlier self into Faction Paradox, Richard Francis Burton made himself swear by "Horus, the reborn child from whose sacrifice our Faction owes its own rebirth". (PROSE: Head of State)

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