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Christel Gets Caught! was the twelfth episode of Season 1 of The Fan Show, released on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel. Like other episodes of The Fan Show, it consisted entirely of a parodical narrative sequence (not considered valid on this Wiki), a sort of coda to Stealing Series 9 Scripts showing how else Christel's discovery by Moffat could have gone.


A series of clips of things Christel Dee could have said upon being discovered by Steven Moffat in his secret writing lair below 221B Baker Street plays, from claiming to be the Doctor (and calling Clara for help) to pestering the showrunner with questions about the specifics of the regeneration cycle given to the Eleventh Doctor in his story The Time of the Doctor. Eventually, in the last go-around, Christel lets herself fall out of the cabinet, wheezing with laughter.


  • While pretending to be the Doctor, Christel claims that "something outside [the TARDIS] is leeching off the exterior dimensions".
  • Christel's many questions about the Doctor's regeneration cycle include asking "what about the War Doctor? and Peter Cushing?".


  • Christel's ploy of claiming to be the Doctor and that the cabinet is the Doctor's TARDIS with its "exterior dimensions leeched off" is transparently a reference to Flatline.