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Christel Dee is the founding presenter on Doctor Who: The Fan Show. She is also a member on the YouTube channel FiveWhoFans. She co-hosts the show with fellow presenter, Luke Spillane.

In two episodes of The Fan Show as well as one webcast not belonging to it, Dee portrayed the character of Time Lady Estellebalhoonarkedo (more often called "Lady Estelle"). She also portrayed a fictionalised version of herself in other skits on The Fan Show and related works.

In 2016, Christel hosted the episode of Classmates on The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did, and co-hosted, with Luke Spillane, the one on the finale, The Lost.

The Titan comics character of Christel Dean, appearing in COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death, was based on Dee. In one episode of The Fan Show, Mr Men author and illustrator Adam Hargreaves made a character called "Miss Dee" in her likeness, and she starred in a short animation at the start of the Fan Show episode.

While filming one of the videos for The Fan Show about The Lives of Captain Jack, Christel was asked to voice a character for one of the stories. Christel was one of the actors for the Council on Month 25.

Starting with DWM 525, Christel became part of The Time Team.

Along with Simon Guerrier, Christel wrote The Women Who Lived.

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