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Godfather Christèmas was the infamous leader and curator of the Bankside division of Faction Paradox. Within the Parliament of the Eleven-Day Empire, Christèmas held the office of Aquister Primate. Christèmas was a rude and vulgar man, nothing like the legendary holiday character inspired by him.

Christèmas was a large hairless man. He often dressed in red Catholic Cardinal robes. His ceremonial mask was made from a narwhal skull.

Biography Edit

Early activity with the Faction Edit

Within Faction Paradox, Christèmas attained the rank of "Father".

Christèmas once had a mission involving the early 17th century which had him making a deal with Ben Jonson. Things didn't go well and Jonson later mocked Christèmas by writing Christmas, His Masque, creating the jolly character of Father Christmas.

He attained the office of Aquistor Primate within the Parliament of the Eleven-Day Empire. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

Founding Bankside Edit

As Aquistor Primate, Father Christèmas founded Bankside at the edge of the Eleven-Day Empire to store his acquisitions. This was done without permission from the Parliament, but the Parliament later came to support it after Christèmas argued that his acquisitions were less of a danger stored in Bankside. However, the Ministry of Insinuation were angered by Bankside and disliked Christèmas from that point forward.

Christèmas found two individuals to help him at Bankside: first Haribeaux, a prisoner Christèmas had released from the Boulevard of Alternate Brutalities; then Chantelle, a 21st century drug dealer encountered by Christèmas and Haribeaux.

Ceol heard about Christèmas and Bankside during her time with Faction Paradox. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

Becoming independent Edit

Christèmas set into motion a complicated plan to make Bankside independent from the Eleven-Day Empire by creating his own Loa.

Firstly, Christèmas sent a memo to the Faction detailing a made-up failure to obtain praxis from the Pilots' Coterie which resulted in Haribeaux having to make his own Blue Praxis. This attracted the attention of Antigone and Rupert from the Ministry of Insinuation, who came to Bankside hoping to shut it down over the Praxis experiments.

Christèmas distracted Antigone and Rupert while Chantelle reached out to Sojourner Hooper-Agogô. After Chantelle returned to Bankside and Antigone left, Christèmas directed Rupert to Haribeaux and then went to the Kraken with Chantelle to approach Anne Bonny and get her and the Hussar to participate in her scheme. In secret, Christèmas also recruited the Kraken to his side during this visit.

Christèmas, Chantelle, Bonny, and the Hussar came to Sojourner's room on The Felicitation to acquaint themselves with each other and discuss what exactly they would be doing. Christèmas lied to them, explaining that they would be breaking into the axiomatic vault of Serendipity Keep to steal the 2nd Second.

Christèmas and the Hussar stayed behind in the Kraken and observed as the others got themselves into Serendipity Keep. The Hussar attempted to betray Christèmas during this time and take over the operation, but the Kraken was loyal to Christèmas and it killed the Hussar. Christèmas returned to Bankside with one of the Hussar's hearts while the Kraken took the rest of the corpse to the axiomatic vault. Christèmas used the heart to conduct a ritual to converse with the loa of the Eleven-Day Empire, preparing them for the new loa which was being created at that time in the axiomatic vault.

The Kraken came to Bankside with Chantelle, Bonny, and the baby loa. Christèmas announced to Antigone that Bankside was using the loa to become independent from the Empire and mocked her. He facilitated the initiation/promotion of everyone who had helped him create the loa and had himself promoted to the rank of "Godfather".

Chris had a party in Bankside with Chantelle, Bonny, Haribeaux, and the Kraken. (PROSE: Weapons Grade Snake Oil)

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