Chris worked in the CBBC office and was a big fan of Sarah Jane Smith.

He had a Sock, whom he called Mr Socky and to whom he talked. He had a normal lipstick, but believed it was a sonic lipstick. Chris knew a lot about Sarah Jane Smith and her team. He knew about Uvlavad Kudlak, the Slitheen, their home planet Raxacoricofallapatorius and that the Slitheen could be defeated with vinegar.

Chris wanted to meet Sarah Jane and put up a tent in Sarah Jane's driveway. He was caught by Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer, who thought that he was an alien intruder and presumably a Slitheen. They enchained him with a rope and put him into Sarah Jane's attic and asked him why he was looking for Sarah Jane.

However, after Chris had praised Clyde's drawings, Clyde thought that Chris was a cool guy. He set Chris free but also told Chris that they were in great danger, because there still was the intruder that Mr Smith had warned about. Chris screamed.

Rani and Clyde thought that Mr Smith could help them with the intruder. However, when Chris saw Mr Smith he was so impressed by him that he pushed all of Mr Smith's buttons. Mr Smith was shut down and didn't work anymore. Rani and Clyde pushed Chris out of the house.

After this Chris met Sarah Jane Smith and asked her if he could join the gang. Sarah said that Chris could go back to the CBBC office and send her information from there. Chris was happy, but then Sarah Jane heard that Chris had broken Mr Smith. She told him that she would keep her eye on him. Then she faced the alien intruder, while Chris left to go to the CBBC office. (TV: Chris Meets...)

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