Chloe Webber was a girl who was possessed by an Isolus in 2012.

Chloe was born to Trish Webber and her father in 2000. When she was young, Chloe had always got the worst of her father's violence, who would hit her. This was the main cause of her nightmares. She was a good student at school, getting good results on her report. She felt very lonely because her mother did not want to talk about her father's death in a car crash in 2011.

In the year 2012, an Isolus pod crashed to Earth. The Isolus met the lonely Chloe and possessed her. The Isolus used Chloe's creativity to capture people and keep them trapped in drawings, as well as the ability to create living things by drawing them, including the nightmare of her dead father. The creature did not try to hurt anyone but was just looking for someone to live with because it was lonely. Chloe did not seem to know she had this power, as both of her creations came to life accidentally.

When Rose Tyler found the Isolus pod and threw it into the Olympic torch on 27 July 2012, the Isolus left Chloe Webber, releasing all the people she had captured. An image of her dead father was coming to life through ionic energy left over by the Isolus. Trish and Chloe sang to calm Chloe down and get rid of the image. (TV: Fear Her)

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