Chipo-Chung as Dussie-May

Chipo Chung

Chipo Chung played Chantho, a Malmooth, in the Tenth Doctor episode Utopia. For the part of Chantho, Chipo had to wear an insectoid prosthetic - David Tennant did not know what she looked like in real life until the last day of filming when she went up to him. The prosthetic was voted best of Series 3 by DWM readers. Russell T Davies was amazed at the way Chipo could always remember to start sentences with Chan and end with Tho. Chipo Chung returned for Series 4 in the episode Turn Left, but this time played a human-like fortune teller and so did not need prosthetics. Chipo also featured in a few episodes of Doctor Who Confidential.

In 2017, she appeared in the second season of the AMC show Into The Badlands, ironically enough (considering Chantho's fate) playing a character called The Master.

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