"Chinese" was a style of cuisine commonly consumed in the United Kingdom as a takeaway (TV: The Android Invasion, The Mark of the Berserker, The Power of Three, Everything Changes), or available from a Chinese buffet. (AUDIO: One Rule)

In the 1890s, Professor George Litefoot's housekeeper Mrs Hudson was trying to cook Chinese food for him. Litefoot believed that she was trying to woo him. (AUDIO: The Similarity Engine)

The Slow Boat was a Chinese takeaway restaurant in South East London. The Sixth Doctor considered their Peking roasted duck to be better than the pastries of the Masterbakers of Barastabon. (AUDIO: Project: Twilight)

Elton Pope planned to take Ursula Blake for some Chinese at The Golden Locust, also in London. Ursula wanted to enjoy king prawns, while Elton liked the idea of crispy aromatic duck. (TV: Love & Monsters)

In 2005, wondering what plans to make with her boyfriend, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, not noticing Mickey had been replaced with an Auton, "fancied" either pizza or Chinese. (TV: Rose)

Haresh Chandra did not like Chinese food, but agreed with Rani Chandra that they should have it, due to the power of the Berserker pendant she had on her. (TV: The Mark of the Berserker)

Katie Russell didn't like a friend of hers and Julia's ever since she didn't pay her share of the Chinese they'd had in Leicester. Nevertheless, she still begged Owen Harper to invite her to their wedding, as she thought it'd look odd to invite Julia, but not the other. (TV: Fragments)

The day Gwen Cooper discovered Torchwood, her boyfriend Rhys Williams had left Chinese in the fridge for her, but she went to bed on coming home instead. (TV: Everything Changes)

The Twelfth Doctor claimed to love Chinese food upon smelling the takeaway that Bill Potts and her friends had ordered. (TV: Knock Knock)

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