Chin Lee was an officer with the People's Liberation Army who, after being used by the Master, went on to become a doctor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Chin Lee's mother told her that evil did not like its own reflection, a saying that stuck in her mind. (AUDIO: Open the Box) She went on to join the People's Liberation Army, rising to the rank of captain by her mid-twenties, (TV: The Mind of Evil) and was most interested in politics. (AUDIO: Open the Box)

In the 1970s, Captain Lee served as General Teik's aide on a visit to London for the World Peace Conference. She was invited to Stangmoor Prison by Emil Keller at an embassy reception and accepted, subsequently becoming his unwitting agent through his hypnosis. She stole and destroyed state documents, killed the General and attempted to kill Senator Alcott with the Keller Machine before she was stopped by the Third Doctor, who broke the Master's hold over her and questioned her.

At the Doctor's suggestion, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart let Captain Lee go (TV: The Mind of Evil) after sending her off with Corporal Bell. (PROSE: The Mind of Evil) She found embryos of other Keller creatures and hid them from the People's Army, afraid of what they would do with them, and left her life as an officer. She raised and nurtured the creatures, although only one survived to maturity.

Lee studied medicine and became a doctor, setting up the Pandora Institute off of the coast of Wales in the early 2010s, unaware that she was being controlled by the surviving creature, named Seth Hyer. She invited UNIT to the facility with the aim of putting their soldiers through their wellness programme. Dr Lee ultimately became aware of Seth's manipulation thanks to Kate Stewart and helped defeat him, although she remained sympathetic and mourned his loss. (AUDIO: Open the Box)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lee had high cheekbones, dark eyes and a beautiful face which, in her mid-twenties, was almost permanently frowning. Mike Yates believed that she would likely be "remarkably attractive" when she was off-duty (PROSE: The Mind of Evil) and described her as "quite a dolly". (TV: The Mind of Evil)

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