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The untitled Children in Need Special episode of Doctor Who Confidential was released on the Children in Need website in conjunction with Time Crash.[1][2]

As with Time Crash, this was a benefit production for the Children in Need charity and the cast and crew's time were donated. Russell T Davies noted that the production (for both Time Crash and this Confidential) took place on a Sunday, which would normally have been a day off.

This episode was produced without narration. In place of closing titles, the telephone number for donations was shown.

Aspects of production covered[]

  • Russell T Davies discusses the honour of being asked to do another special mini-episode for Children in Need.
  • David Tennant and Peter Davison discuss working with each other.
  • Steven Moffat discusses the basics of the plot.
  • The sourcing of all the elements of the Fifth Doctor's outfit for the production, as noted by Louise Page and Peter Davison.
  • Filming on Time Crash.
  • Phil Collinson talks about the excitement of uniting two Doctors.
  • The humour of the script, and how both Doctors carry it well.

Additional topics covered[]

  • Graeme Harper discusses the joys of working with two Doctor actors.

People interviewed[]


No crew were credited for this episode.


Both the opening and closing are incredibly shortened, with a short variant of the Confidential theme tune, no opening title footage montage, and no closing title credits.

Home video releases[]

As of August 2020, no version of the episode is available commercially.


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