Children in Need 1983 was a small skit with Peter Davison partially in-character as the Fifth Doctor. It was an interview conducted by Terry Wogan, and was broadcast directly after the UK broadcast of The Five Doctors.

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The Fifth Doctor turns up in the TARDIS for the 1983 Children in Need celebration, and donates his frock coat to Terry Wogan to be auctioned to raise funds for the appeal.

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  • Terry Wogan says he's only just seen the Doctor, and the four others, referring to the broadcast of The Five Doctors directly before.
  • The Doctor says his five incarnations get on well.
  • The Doctor says Doctor Who fans are called Whovians.
  • The Doctor says that "[we] Gallifreyans don't carry money".
  • The Doctor's celery is a "special Gallifreyan celery".

Story notes Edit

  • The sketch was completely ad-libbed by Peter Davison and Terry Wogan.
  • The sketch was pre-recorded as Peter Davison was at the time flying to America, where he was attending a Doctor Who 20th anniversary event in Chicago.
  • It is unknown how much the sale of the Fifth Doctor's coat raised for Children in Need or who eventually bought it.
  • The sketch was shown only in the London, Wales and North West regions. A teaser appeared alongside the programme listing for The Five Doctors in Radio Times for the aforementioned regions, in the form of a caption reading "The BBC's annual appeal for Children in Need all over the country begins in earnest at 6.55. And Doctor Who will be dropping in to join Terry later in the evening. But which one?"

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