Childeric was a creation in Eugene Tacitus' world where he was the illegitimate son of Berengaria.

Biography Edit

Origins and destiny Edit

Childeric was the half-brother of Pepin VII. He had a hunchback, as was his legacy as brother of the heir. He was destined to attempt to usurp his brother's throne. His father was a guard of the royal family, hanged for treason. Childeric, he believed, had a son whom he kept locked away in the catacombs of the palace. To protect his son from being tainted by man's speech, Childeric cut out the tongues of his wife and his servant Arnulf, who fed his son.

Coronation Edit

After the death of Pepin VI, his brother was to be king. At Pepin's coronation, Childeric attempted to announce himself a god after Pepin decreed he himself wasn't. The Sixth Doctor and Frobisher landed amidst the service. Initially they were seen as godly ambassadors, but they revealed they weren't. With that Childeric ordered their death. However, Eugene Tacitus saved them by saying all previous kings experienced mental fatigue after their coronation.

Plot Edit

Childeric took on Clovis, the high priest, as an ally. They planned to kill Pepin by supernatural means, confident that he was immortal.

Childeric took the Doctor and Eugene as his prisoner. They travelled down into the catacombs of the castle. He told the Doctor that in the depths lived his son and the future emperor. Childeric released him. As he joined with him, Childeric's son discovered that he was not in fact Childeric's son and so killed him. (AUDIO: The Holy Terror)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Holy Terror DWM 298

Illustration by Lee Sullivan (DWM 298)

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