A Child of a TARDIS was an individual with the mark of the Time Vortex in their DNA.

If a TARDIS's emergency war protocols were enacted, only a Time Lord or a Child of a TARDIS could open a sealed TARDIS. (PROSE: River of Time)

River Song was the Child of the Doctor's TARDIS, having been conceived by Amy Pond and Rory Williams in the TARDIS while it was in flight in the Time Vortex. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War, Let's Kill Hitler, PROSE: River of Time) Many knew her as the "Child of the TARDIS", as well as the "Time Lord's wife". (AUDIO: Time in a Bottle) She called it her "genetic inheritance". (PROSE: River of Time) Since River's clones were made from her DNA, they shared a psychic link through the TARDIS that allowed them to exert a type of mind control when working together. River focused her and her clones' combined telepathic rage and trauma at Kovarian to temporarily drive her insane. (AUDIO: The Furies)

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