The Chief Voord was a senior Voord that knew the secret of a brainpower-enhancing mushroom on Earth, known as the Great Power.

The Voords demanded the secret of ultkron travel from the First Doctor. After thinking he was thrown off their ship, the Chief Voord discovered the Doctor, who told them that the Daleks would betray and destroy the Voords. A fight broke out, and a Dalek raygun hit the ship's power centre, disintegrating the ship. The Daleks evacuated on their hoverbouts, while the Doctor and the lone Voord survivor, the Chief Voord, escaped in an escape capsule.

The Chief Voord took over the capsule and aimed it for the South American jungle on Earth and the Doctor saved him from being attacked by alligators. The Daleks followed them to find the Great Power. Knowing that the mushroom would be deadly to the Daleks, the Chief Voord led them to them. The Daleks initially were able to outwit the fleet of Earth space fighters attacking them, but the mushrooms quickly killed them. The falling hoverbouts killed the Chief Voord. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Daleks)

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