Cherub was a pirate and Captain Samuel Pike's first mate aboard the Black Albatross.

Cherub was spying on Joseph Longfoot and saw him in conversation with the First Doctor, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright. After they left, he confronted Longfoot and asked him for the location of Captain Avery's treasure. When Longfoot refused, Cherub knifed him and headed for the inn with his men, where they captured the Doctor and took him to the Albatross.

Aboard the Albatross, Cherub begged his captain to be allowed to torture the Doctor for the information they needed, but Pike refused.

Pike and Cherub met with the Squire Edwards, head of the local smuggling ring, and made a deal, though Pike and Cherub intended to keep the goods for themselves and betray the Squire.

Cherub came across the Squire and Jacob Kewper as they were trying to learn Longfoot's secret from the Doctor. Cherub threw his knife at Kewper, killing him, and shot the Squire. He threatened Ben and Polly and convinced the Doctor to tell him what Longfoot knew. Pike, who had come up behind Cherub, overheard Cherub's betrayal, and the two men started fighting. Once Cherub threw his knife at Pike, he was unarmed, and Pike killed him. (TV: The Smugglers)

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