Chen Luo was one of the most powerful men in Hong Kong by 1972, having worked up from being a fisherman in 1940.

History[edit | edit source]

One day, when he was finishing a fishing haul with Hai Lan, Hai discovered a strangely clean porcelain-like object in his net full of fish. Despite asking to look at it, Hai refused, and Chen stabbed him to death to take it for himself.

After he took it home to his mother Yusheng, the object hatched into a small alien that he raised as a human, naming it Shui Long and pretending it was his son. However, as his power grew with this on his side, Yusheng took some shards of the egg to turn into a protective pendant, which infuriated him enough to leave home for good.

Within the next 32 years, he became the boss of the underworld gangs of Hong Kong, owning a giant floating castle frequented by the rich and famous. He sent Renshu and a group of guards to capture Tung-Mei, who had escaped Shui Long with the pendant, but found her alongside Graham O'Brien and Yasmin Khan, stealing Yaz's black pendant instead. Chen was furious at the mistake and sent Renshu back to find the correct pendant, locking the other three up to talk to his son. When the trio tried to escape, they encountered Chen again and used the pendant to summon the Kalatra.

Later, as the group met up with the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, Bruce Lee, and Yusheng, he explained the Kalatra's intentions to take over Earth if their champion best that of Earth in combat and showed off Shui Long's true alien form, using him to battle Bruce who had been deemed Earth’s champion. Bruce emerged triumphant after exploiting Shui’s weakness on shore and the Kalatra withdrew, taking Chen and Shui with them as failed champions. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In part two of The White Dragon, Chen Luo's name is misspelt as "Chen Lou" in one mention.
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