Chas Baxter was orphaned as a child. Every Christmas he received a special gift from Father Christmas, including a pipe, nylon tights, a pocket watch and a mobile phone. One year he saw a scruffy man and a man in a skirt leaving a gift and assumed they were Father Christmas and one of his elves. One of his favourite gifts was a book that claimed there were aliens on Earth.

In 1943 he met a girl named Irene and married her. She died on 5 December 1952 in a car accident. Chas never remarried, but he didn't feel alone because he knew Father Christmas cared about him.

When Chas was older, he entered the Lavender House Retirement Home. He continued to receive a special gift at Christmas. When Malcolm Harbottle arrived at the nursing home at Christmas, Chas suspected he was an alien. Harbottle stole items from the residents, including Chas' latest gift, and when Chas tried to stop him, Harbottle attacked him. As the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon arrived to capture Harbottle, Chas recognised them as Father Christmas and his elf. He died, happy in the knowledge that Father Christmas never forgot him. (PROSE: The Christmas Presence)

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