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Charlotte Wills was a CIA watch analyst, and a member or servant of the Three Families in the 21st century. (TV: The New World, End of the Road)

Biography[edit | edit source]

During her life, Wills had a female partner who left her after Matheson had asked her to work late. The partner kept their house after the break-up, making Wills homeless. (TV: The Gathering)

In contrast to her colleague Esther Drummond, she did not show an interest in learning more about Torchwood following the Miracle Day event. The team watched a news report of Oswald Danes saying he was sorry for his crimes, something Wills viewed as "a god damn mess". When CIA agents under the command of Brian Friedkin blocked Drummond's access to agency facilities and tried to arrest her, Wills' identification and car keys were stolen by Drummond to escape the CIA building where they were based. (TV: Rendition)

Two months later, Wills was forced to step up her efforts to protect the Three Families. Wills informed the Families that the CIA had secretly sent a young agent to spy on Jilly Kitzinger and Oswald Danes, leading to the shooting of the agent and a promotion for Kitzinger. (TV: End of the Road) After agent Rex Matheson was placed in charge of investigating the Families and the Miracle, Wills worked to block him from tracking down the descendants of a witness to a 1928 incident involving Captain Jack Harkness (in TV: Immortal Sins) through genetic analysis of blood left on a murder weapon. Later still, she reported to the Families that Matheson had arrived in Buenos Aires to search for the Blessing and alerted them to Matheson's mobilisation of Argentinian troops, leading to a suicide bombing of the troops. (TV: The Gathering, The Blood Line)

Wills' activities led to the realisation that a traitor was operating at the CIA. Allen Shapiro ordered that the traitor be located with the use of new tracing software. Wills slipped a bomb into her handbag and placed the bag next to Shapiro, wished him and fellow watch analyst Noah Vickers good luck and stepped out of the room. Willis tricked another analyst into believing that she had been summoned by Shapiro to buy herself a few more seconds to get away. Just as the analyst arrived and the software identified the traitor, the bomb detonated. She feigned being concerned over the explosion enabling her, along with the main room and the evidence being destroyed, to stay undetected. (TV: The Blood Line)

When the Miracle ended, Wills was later present at Drummond's funeral. She was found out when Matheson received data recovered from Vickers' work station showing the software's finding. When Wills saw Matheson running towards her, she realised that her treachery had been discovered. Before Rex could reach her, she pulled a gun out of her handbag and shot him in the chest, killing him temporarily. She was then shot three times in the chest by nearby CIA agents. (TV: The Blood Line)

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