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Charlotte "From the Village" Willis was a woman from the village of Staffham. She became involved with the Fourth Doctor and Leela after her cousin was seemingly attacked by a ghost near a local grange, known for its purported paranormal activity since its new tenants moved in. While she and Father Harpin investigated the grange, the pair of them witnessed the TARDIS materialise and saw the Doctor and Leela emerge. Shocked by their appearance, Charlotte initially wanted nothing to do with the time travellers. The Doctor and Leela later encountered Charlotte in a local tavern, only to find that she had no memory of them or Father Harpin. The Doctor realised that this all must be the result of a temporal distortion, further supported by the fact that Charlotte claimed that her family had suddenly vanished and none of the villagers seemed to have any memory of them. Charlotte decided to assist the Doctor and Leela in their investigations as they discovered that the owner of the grange, Jalnik, and his associates were from the future and were the ones behind the temporal distortions and the apparitions. They were planning an exodus for two thousand other people from the year 4000 to twentieth century England by exploiting a crack in time.

Charlotte and the Doctor were captured by Jalnik's associates and brought to the year 4000, where the Doctor discovered a timeline that was unfamiliar to him. While in the future, Charlotte met an instructor in twentieth century culture named Shibac, who was part of an initiative to integrate the people of the year 4000 to twentieth century life before they were sent back in time. With his help, the Doctor, Charlotte, and Leela discovered that the timeline had been altered when Jalnik, at the behest of his lover Kostal, brought creatures from the Time Vortex known as the Pantophagen into 41st century Earth. Initially hoping to use them as weapons to further Kostal's political career, the Pantophagen went out of control and devastated the entire planet. Charlotte and the others attempted to warn Supreme Councillor Geflo of the universe-destroying paradox that the exodus of her people could create, as well as Kostal and Jalnik's treachery. More trouble arose, however, when Jalnik, who had become a human-Pantophagen hybrid as a result of his experiments on the creatures and the crack in time, lets the Pantophagen into the city in order to force the population to evacuate into the twentieth century through the time crack, many of them having been infected with Pantophagen DNA.

After being sent back to the twentieth century with Shibac, she arrived to find the grange overrun with human-Pantophagen hybrids as well as three pure-blood Pantophagen, led by a mad Jalnik in a bid to destroy humanity. Ultimately, the Doctor was able to overload the machines that manipulated the crack in time, destroying the grange and sealing up the crack for good, thus averting the alternate timeline. With Shibac stuck in the twentieth century, Charlotte decided to take him in. (AUDIO: The Foe from the Future)

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