Charlotte Pollard: Series Two was a full cast audio anthology released in March 2017 by Big Finish Productions. It starred Charlotte Pollard, played by India Fisher.

Publisher's summary[]

Charlotte Pollard. Space-time traveller. Former emissary of the mysterious and terrifying Viyrans.

Now she’s cast adrift and finds herself and unlikely adventurer Robert Buchan brought right down to Earth — but an Earth which is changing rapidly.

Why and how have they crash-landed in the London Underground? Who are the Identical Men? And why is human behaviour starting to change in startling and unexpected ways?

Charley, Robert and their friend the Rogue Viyran must find out if they are the solution or the cause.

Deep underground, something is stirring. Fragments of an alien design are coalescing...

Part 1: Embankment Station - A bumpy arrival, journalism, politics and a security crisis.

Part 2: Ruffling - Hiding in a bank, on the run, trapped underground.

Part 3: Seed of Chaos - Tube train trouble, the chaos begins, the Prime Minister arrives.

Part 4: The Destructive Quality of Life - Marooned on an alien world, a 'concentration camp' in Slough, messaging through space and time.


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. Code
2.1 Embankment Station Nicholas Briggs Nicholas Briggs Charley, Robert, Rogue Viyran, Identical Men 28 March 2017 BFPCHARLEY002
2.2 Ruffling
2.3 Seed of Chaos
2.4 The Destructive Quality of Life Charley, Robert, Rogue Viyran, Proto-Viyrans


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