Charlie McDonnell - Runner[1] was one of several short episodes of Doctor Who Confidential broadcast via BBC Red Button in the run-up to A Christmas Carol. Like all in this special series of Confidential, it featured young internet film-maker Charlie McDonnell giving his thoughts on his ramble round the Upper Boat Studios. It was thus a kind of video diary, but one nevertheless produced by, and released under the banner of, Doctor Who Confidential.

Aspects of production covered Edit

As the title suggests, the major focus of the episode was to have Charlie follow a runner around the Upper Boat Studios.

Additional topics covered Edit

Much of the episode was concerned with depicting the pedestrian reality of the Upper Boat Studios. Very little of the footage actually showed anything to do with the production of A Christmas Carol, although Charlie did eventually make it onto an empty set.

People interviewed Edit

The major interviewee was Jay Harley, a runner for A Christmas Carol.[2] Matt Smith made a brief, non-speaking appearance.

Home video releases Edit

As of August 2020, no version of the episode is available commercially.

Footnotes Edit

  1. Although the episode had the on-screen title of simply "Day 1", Charlie McDonnell - Runner is what was given on the official BBC Three website.[1]
  2. Though called a runner here, Harley were actually credited as an "assistant director" in the end credits of the episode. That said, they were, practically speaking, a runner, as the 3rd AD was credited above their name.
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