Charlie McDonnell (born 1 October 1990[1]) was the presenter of the special web-based episodes of Doctor Who Confidential which accompanied A Christmas Carol. He is a passionate Doctor Who fan. His YouTube channel Charlieissocoollike is one of the most subscribed channel in the United Kingdom with over two million subscribers. Some of his other Doctor Who connections include being part of Chameleon Circuit, the first "Trock" or "Time Lord rock" band, making music related to Doctor Who.

Music[edit | edit source]

Charlie McDonnell plays in a band who plays TROCK (Time-Lord Rock) music about Doctor Who called Chameleon Circuit. This band have released two albums, one called Chameleon Circuit, the other named Still Got Legs. McDonnell also made up songs not relating to Doctor Who and posted them on his YouTube channel Charlieissocoollike including his very popular Duet with Myself first posted in November 2009, which in early July 2012 had over seven million two hundred and fifty-five thousand views.

Chameleon Circuit[edit | edit source]

Chameleon Circuit is a band who sing songs about Doctor Who. They are made up of the following members:

  • Charlie McDonnell
  • Alex Day
  • Liam Dryden
  • Ed Blann
  • Michael Aranda

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