Charlie was an urchin in London and a friend to Barnaby. In 1605, he discovered a Rutan ship with an ornate doomsday weapon inside that targeted Sontaran DNA beneath Parliament. He thought them treasures he could use to help his sick sister Annie. He snuck his way past Sontaran troops with his slingshot and marbles. The ship had trapped Charlie in the organic matter, but Rory Williams cut him free. Thinking Amy and him disguised Rutans, Charlie escaped with the weapon, leaving his slingshot behind. When Parliament was taken into orbit with Charlie inside, Field Major Kaarsh took him for questioning about the weapon. Charlie dropped the doomsday weapon, Kaarsh not realising the orb's significance. While Amy tried freeing him, another Sontaran caught them. Rory saved them by firing a slingshot into the Sontaran guard's probic vent. As they escaped, they were cornered by Sontarans and Rutans. The Eleventh Doctor reprogrammed another one of the weapons to target the Rutan Host, nullifying the conflict, and returned Parliament to Earth. (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

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