Charlie was the human pseudonym for Lt Baasim al-Jehedeh, a Sittuun member of the Beagle XXI expedition to the Gyre in 250,339. One of only two survivors, Charlie accompanied Amy Pond in the rescue of the Eleventh Doctor from a barbaric society of humans inhabiting the Gyre. He was the son of Captain Jamal al-Jehedeh, leader of the expedition and the only other to make it out of Gyre alive.

Baasim al-Jehedeh was one of more than a billion Sittuun. He studied near Earth and had a deep appreciation for human jazz music, especially Ella Fitzgerald. Along with his father, Captain Jamal, Ahmed, and nine other Sittuun, Baasim travelled on board the Beagle XXI to Gyre to plant a nanobomb which would vaporise the Gyre. A giant comet called Schuler-Khan was on course to collide with the Gyre, the results of which would have been catastrophic to nearby systems, including the Sittuun home world. (PROSE: Night of the Humans)

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