Charles Winlett was a scientist who was part of a World Ecology Bureau expedition in Antarctica.

Winlett and Derek Moberley discovered a Krynoid pod in the permafrost while digging for samples. They brought the pod to the base, and when John Stevenson put it under an ultraviolet lamp, it began to grow. While Winlett was half asleep, the pod infected him and he started to slowly transform into a Krynoid. After killing Moberley, the Krynoid left the base in search of food and warmth. It later returned to base and killed Stevenson, and it tried to kill the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith just before it was killed when the bomb Scorby planted destroyed the base. (TV: The Seeds of Doom)

Behind the scenes Edit

The script describes the initial effect of the Krynoid on Winlett's skin as it having "gone mouldy".

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