Charles Gaskell was a member of Torchwood Three. Gaskell had been a sailor in the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Atropos before he came to Torchwood. (PROSE: The Baby Farmers)

Around 1899, Gaskell was working at Torchwood. When Jack Harkness went missing under mysterious circumstances, he was asked to investigate Sir Henry Montague (who was actually behind it). Montague sent two thugs to kill him and cover it up, but Gaskell incapacitated them. When they investigated the HMS Hades, he was the one to eventually blow it up. (PROSE: The Baby Farmers)

With Alice Guppy, he found a future version of Jack Harkness buried in a twenty-foot pit under Cardiff in 1901. (TV: Exit Wounds)

In 1906, Gaskell and his team discovered alien cryo-tech, which was later utilised for regular use. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)

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