Charles Crichton was a career officer in the British Army and UNIT. In his later life, he was deputy director of the Forge.


In his early days as an officer, he was friends with William Dalton and Archie Brimmicombe-Wood. Coincidentally, their sons would also become colonels and take command of UNIT. (PROSE: Project Valhalla)

As Colonel Crichton, he took over operations of UNIT in the United Kingdom following Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's retirement, (TV: The Five Doctors) having, according to Lethbridge-Stewart, been selected as "the best man for the job" by "the boffins in Geneva". (AUDIO: New Pastures) On another occasion in the 1980s, the Sixth Doctor and Crichton worked together on UNIT business in Derbyshire. While the Doctor was in Derbyshire with Crichton, his companion Peri Brown stayed behind in London, where she met Joe Carnaby. (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day)

According to some accounts, the commanding officer of UNIT from at least 1984 to 1994 was Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis Price. (AUDIO: The Helliax Rift, Hour of the Cybermen, Warlock's Cross)

By 1990, Crichton was a Brigadier. On 1 January, humanity subconsciously realised that there had been temporal discrepancies in the last two decades. Crichton attended a secret briefing with Amara Essy and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Geneva to establish a dating protocol for the 1970s and 1980s. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)

In 1995, Crichton was called to assist in the defeat of the Great Intelligence. (PROSE: Downtime)

By 1997, Crichton had left UNIT and was replaced by Winifred Bambera as its leader. (TV: Battlefield) He transferred to the Forge - which had a competing remit with his old employers - and was Deputy Director. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla) During his time at the Forge, he often bragged about meeting the Second Doctor. (PROSE: Twilight's End)

He had a wife and two sons, but by 2002 they had been separated for a while; he kept their photo despite this. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)

Sometime before November 2004, Crichton retired and was assassinated by his successor, Nimrod. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)


In the 2020s, the Forge named their base the Crichton Building. (AUDIO: Project: Destiny)

During her travels with the Seventh Doctor, Lysandra Aristedes remembered Crichton as one of her dead colleagues. (AUDIO: Project: Nirvana)