Charles Beeson in 1986 (DWM 111)

Charles Beeson was the uncredited floor assistant on the Doctor Who television stories Kinda (INFO: Kinda) and Time-Flight. (INFO: Time-Flight)

He began his television career as an uncredited floor assistant in the 1980s at the BBC. He worked four days a week in the studio. In 1986, he was interviewed in DWM 111, at which point he had moved up to location manager in the BBC drama department.

Since then, Charles Beeson became a director, working on television programmes such as EastEnders, The Bill, Afterlife, Close to Home, and, more recently in the US, Supernatural and The Mentalist. He has also served as executive producer to a number of series, including Timeless, for which he has also directed. He is currently based in Los Angeles.

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