An alien calling himself Charles Abbott wrote several spooky children's books. Using a shimmer, Charles was able to disguise himself as a human. The Twelfth Doctor theorised that he was a native of the planet Antagonista.

Becoming a popular writer, Charles began doing book signings. At one of these signing he used a pen made of Incredulitas 4 to transport Sammy Jones to Antagonista. He used Sammy's experience as the basis for a new series of books; Fearsome Frights.

He attended the 2016 UK Book Festival, where he did signings and read from his latest book. The Twelfth Doctor was also at the festival and discovered from Sammy's sister and mother that Sammy had been kidnapped by Charles. The Doctor then travelled to Antagonista and saved Sammy from zombies.

Charles transported himself to Antagonista in an attempt to stop the Doctor from ruining his story. The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to activate Charles' pen and transport him into the writer's block. (COMIC: Shock Horror)

Behind the scenes Edit

Abbott bears some similarity to Tommy Donbavand, the writer of Shock Horror. Donbavand wrote Scream Street, a series of comedy horror children's books.

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