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Charity publications are novels or anthologies which are published for non-profit organisations or charities. They are not licensed by the BBC, and therefore cannot be considered a legal part of the Doctor Who franchise.

Novels and anthologies which fall into this category Edit

Anthologies Edit

  • Drabble Who
  • Perfect Timing
  • Perfect Timing 2
  • Missing Pieces
  • Walking in Eternity
  • The Cat Who Walked Through Time
  • Tales of the Solar System
  • LifeDeath
  • Shelf Life
  • Seasons of War
  • The Temporal Logbook
  • Time Shadows
  • A Target for Tommy
  • 101 Claras to See
  • A Time Lord for Change
  • Nine Lives
  • A Second Target for Tommy
  • Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space

Novels Edit

  • Campaign
  • Time's Champion
  • Smoking Mirror

Notes Edit

Because these publications are not a legal part of the Doctor Who franchise, a community decision was made to not cover these publications on this wiki.