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Charity publications are releases which are published for the benefit of non-profit organisations or charities. They are not licensed by the BBC or most of the respective copyright holders, and therefore cannot be considered a legal part of the Doctor Who franchise. Because of this, an admin decision was made in 2011 to not cover these publications in full on this Wiki.


Drabble Who[]

The anthology Drabble Who was edited by David J Howe and David Wake and published in September 1993 to benefit the RNIB Talking Book Library. Each story was exactly 100 words, a format later followed by the charity anthology A Time Lord for Change and the Faction Paradox short story A Hundred Words from a Civil War.

Title Writer Notes
Introduction David J. Howe
Drabble Rules: The One Hundred Word Variant David B. Wake
Who Counts as One Word? Dan Abnett
Ace's Diary Entry 23rd November 2062 Sophie Aldred
Before the Beginning Brian Ameringen
Mark Four Peter Anghelides
The Myth Makers (As Sung Afterwards By Sundry Bards Other Than Homer) Geoffrey Arthur
Extract from an Address to the Time Lord Academy by Its Regulator Scombos Colin Baker
Centenarian David Banks
A Divertissement Nigel Bannerman
The End Christopher Barry
Paradox Stephen Baxter
Into the Fourth Dimension: The Gowned Time-Traveller Michael Bell
A Tale from a TV Comic J. Jeremy Bentham
Tea for 2 Ness Bishop
To Sarah Jane, Wot I Like Best of All
The Collector
The Most Unkindest Cut of All Ian Stuart Black
Out of the Mouths Chris Boucher
Words of Conquest Steve Bowkett
The Doctor's Greatest Escape Keith Brooke
Time Will Tell David Burke
The Trail of a Timelord Tim Chapman
Unseen Danger Kevin Chitty
Drabble in the TARDIS Nathan Cooke
Shame Tony Cooke
The Tragedy of Errors Paul Cornell
The Who Interviews
Isolation Fiona Cumming
Wheel of Lights Richard W. Dance
Goodbye/Picadilly/Hello/Heatdeath Peter Darvill-Evans
Sarah's Hurt ('Train-Flight': Prologue) Andrew W. Donkin, Graham S. Brand
Rassilon and the Serpent Tongue (An Old Gallifreyan Legend) Jay Eales
Empty Welcome Stan Eling
Hair Today - Wig Tomorrow! George Evans
22nd November, 1963 Michael Ferguson
The Fun Factory Ian M. Fraser
Is That a TARDIS in Your Pocket...? John Freeman
Sweet Dreamer Stephen Gallagher
Future-Speak David Green
Time Out Mervyn Haisman
The Heart-Ache, and the Thousand Natural Shocks Elizabeth Halliday
Brown's Study Paul Harrington
Time Out Alun Harris
The Fall and Rise of the Doctor Michael Haslett
The Ultimate Test David J. Howe
The Dream
An Apocalptic Digital Mistake Robert Howe
Espcape David Inwood
The Cruelty of Time Simon J. Irving
A Suitable Gift (and a Safe One!) Alison Jacobs
The Press and I Louise Jameson
A Mystery Solved? Steven Jenkins
At the Academy Simon Christopher Jones
An Easy Mistake to Make Andy Lane
Days Like Crazy Paving Glenn Langford
A Sort of Elegy Barry Letts
Backwards Ran Sentences as Reeled Minds Peter Ling
A Night Out at the Dog and Bottle David Martin
A Ghost of Christmas Past? Chaz Mason
The TARDIS Bites Back Becky Maude
Aardvark to Dandruff Tim Maude
Different Worlds (Two Extracts from the Doctor's Diary) Graham McKinnon
Doctor Where? Adrian Middleton, Steve Graeme
The Hunt: Sequel to 'Survival' Brian Milligan
Contract Kill M. R. Morgan
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor (The Cafe Royale, New Orleans, 1965.) Steve Morgan
The Academy, First Day Mark Morris
Readacross Jim Mortimore
Hell to Pay
The Other Side of Madness Amanda Murray
Who's Sorry Now John Nathan-Turner
Failsafe Kate Orman
Beetling About in Time John Peel
Questions from the Floor Victor Pemberton
I Don't Wish to Know That - Kindly Leave the Barracks! Jon Pertwee
Victory Martin Pollard
Questions Eric Pringle
"I Am the Doctor" Justin Richards
Celebration John M. Rimmer
Sounds Familiar Tony Roach
Problem Page Nigel Robinson
In the Mirror Nicholas Royle
Clean Up Time Gary Russell
Time-Expired Lord Robert Sloman
The Chase: Princes in the Tower Chris Sparrow
Doppelganger Mark Stammers
The End of "Evil"
Shortly After Armageddon... (On Being Replaced By Astra And Cast Thither By Unknown Forces) Michael E. P. Stevens
In the Midst of Life We Are in Death, Et Cetera Keith Topping
Behind the Sofa: First Memory David Tulley
The Monster Man's Lament
Plastic Souls
How Do You Kill Death?
How it Begins Jan Vincent-Rudzki
Sound Effects David B. Wake
Fifty Light Years From Now
A Definitive Reference Work? Stephen James Walker
Two Words John Wiles
A Hundred Words Later Stephen Wyatt
An Unearthly Child Nigel Robinson

Perfect Timing[]

The Perfect Timing series of charity anthologies benefited the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death.

Perfect Timing[]

Perfect Timing was edited by Mark Phippen and Helen Fayle and published in November 1998 to celebrate Doctor Who's 35th anniversary. It was reprinted in 1999 with two additional stories.

Title Writer Notes
Introduction Colin Baker
The Use of the Myth Paul Cornell
Bear Paw Adventures David J. Howe
Always Let the Conscious Be Your Guide Mark Clapham and Jim Smith
Birth Pains Damon Cavalchini
Venusian Sunset Paul Leonard A tie-in to his novel Venusian Lullaby.
From the Cutting Room Floor David A. McIntee Deleted scenes from his novel The Dark Path.
Thicket of Thieves Kathryn Sullivan
The UNIT Things Peter Anghelides
Entertaining Mr. O Paul Magrs Featured licensed use of Iris Wildthyme and introduces her companion Tom. Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion. Received a partial continuation in Talented Witches.
Masters of Terror James Ambuehi and Laurence J. Cornford
Baron (Count) Dracula and Count (Baron) Frankenstein Stephen Marley
The Aurelius Gambit Helen Fayle
Not Necessarily in That Order... Paul Ebbs
Child of Darkness Daniel Blythe
The Zargathon Menace Jonathan Morris Introduces the Zargathons, a member of this species would later appear in Death to the Doctor!.
One Perfect Twilight Craig Hinton
Ghost in the Machine Trina L. Short
The 6th Doctor Sends A Letter Charles Daniels
The Great Journey of Life Ends Here Gary Russell
Wish Upon a Star Beast Steve Lyons Features licensed use of Grant Markham. Lyons later used the Sixth Doctor and the Meeps again in The Ratings War.
Schrödinger's Botanist Ian McIntire Introduces Carmen Yeh, who would later appear in The Book of the War.
Second Hand Rob Stradling
Doing It Right Alan Taylor
Cheeky Things Erin Tumilty
Chain Male Keith Topping Introduces Johnny Chess as an ex-husband of Tegan Jovanka, before his first appearance in Topping's novel Byzantium!.
Ascension Stephen Graves
Caveat Emptor Susannah Tiller
Doctor Patient Relationship Kate Orman and Jon Blum The original first chapter of Vampire Science, which featured Grace rather than Carolyn McConnell.
Worm Lance Parkin
The Ravages of Time Mags L. Halliday
Emerald Green Mark Phippen
Sad Professor Nick Walters
Transitions Daniel Ben-Zvi
Nightmare Nathan Skreslet
Dark Paragon Jon Andersen
Time Ruins Sarah Hadley
What If We Went to Italy Tom Beck

Perfect Timing 2[]

Perfect Timing 2 was released in December 1999. It was edited by Helen Fayle and Julian Eales.

Title Writer Notes
Introduction Colin Baker
Foreword Dez Skinn
Alien Nation Peter Anghelides
I'll Name That Tune In One
"Past" Lawrence Miles
Darkness Before Me Jim Campbell
Identity Crisis Nathan Skeslet
Genesis of the Dustbins: A Report by Zoe Heriot Charles Daniels
A Handful of Silver Mags L. Halliday
Invasion of the Dinosaurs by Sarah Jane Smith Mike Sivier
Knitworld Stephen Marley
Goodbye Rembrandt David J. Howe
The Giving Invasion Paul Leonard
A Cup of Coffee Daniel Ben-Zvi
Kyreth Kimberly Yale and John Ostrander
The Effect of Dimensional Transcendence on Mozzarella Cheese[1] Diane Duane
Nameless David Bickley
Painting History Damon Cavalchini
"Present" Lawrence Miles
Black Snow David Bishop
Safe in the Knowledge Mark Phippen
Adjudicator's Holiday Kathryn Sullivan
Past Time Catching Dave Stone
Pulp Cutaway David A. McIntee
Isolation Gareth Humphreys
Quicksilver Bees Martin Day
First Person[2] Philip Purser-Hallard
Fishy Business Lance Parkin Features licensed use of Saldaamir and mentions Last Contact.
Empty Nest Jon de Burgh Miller
Cause and Effect Rebecca Dowgiert
The Hand of the Goddess Susannah Tiller
Unseen Rooms Imran Inyat
This Hollywood Life Jonathan Dennis
Fangrrl Life Phil Pascoe
"Future" Lawrence Miles
Mysterious Ways Julian Eales
Memories to Forget Barry Williams
Touching Indigo R.J. Anderson
Grey Jon Andersen
Apocalypse Angel Finn Clark
"Oblique" Lawrence Miles
The Next Universe but One Dave Owen
A Tapestry of Shadows Alan Taylor
It's Raining Again Paul Magrs and Stewart Sheargold Features licensed use of Iris Wildthyme. Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion.
Unlimited Ian McIntire
Aria for the Broken Hearted Richard Prekodravac
From the Cutting Room Floor, Take 2 Craig Hinton Cut scenes from The Crystal Bucephalus.
Here Be Dragons Helen Fayle
"Absolute" Lawrence Miles
Toy Story Set during Interference. Introduces Lolita, who would later appear throughout the Faction Paradox series. Later published by Mad Norwegian Press in their edition of Dead Romance.
Afterward Gary Gillatt

Tales of the Solar System[]

Tales of the Solar System was a charity anthology edited by D. Paul Griggs and released in April 2000 to benefit the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. Each story was associated with a planet of the Solar System in the Doctor Who universe: Mercury, Lunar, Venus, Mondas, Earth, Mars, Planet 5, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, Vulcan, and Cassius.

Title Writer Notes
The All Ian J. Carter
The Loud Lament of the Disconsolate Chimera Gregg Smith
Blue Venus Paul Leonard Revisits Venus as in the author's Venusian Lullaby.
Research and Development Richard Jones
Covert Operations James Ambuehl
Wasteland Express E.A. Blair
Exodus John S. Drew
For Want of a Better World Martin Day
Saturnalia Lance Parkin
Duty Cools Jon de Burgh Miller
Being an extract from "The Amazing Adventures of Iris Wildthyme on Neptune" Paul Magrs Features licensed use of Iris Wildthyme. Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion.
The Invisible People Leigh Hooper
Who Pays the Ferryman Helen Fayle
Separation Anxiety Sarah Hadley
Watching You, Watching You James Potter


In September 2000 Jim Mortimore published his final draft of the novel Campaign, which had been commissioned by BBC Books for the Past Doctor Adventures range but was rejected for deviating too far from the original pitch. All proceeds from the release went to the Bristol Area Down Syndrome Association.

The 13 Crimes of Doctor Who[]

The 13 Crimes of Doctor Who: Stories of Mystery and Crime Set Within the Doctor Who Universe was a charity anthology edited by Sarah Hadley and released in September 2000.

Title Writer Notes
A Simple Plan Mark Phippen
Injuring Eternity Jamie Lawson
The Image Immemorial Rustin L. Shock
The Pisces Club James Ambuehl
The Unseen Jay McIntyre
Secret Affadavit Charles Daniels
Trains Running on Time Nick Campbell
The World as a Chequerboard Sarah Hadley
Spoils of War Timothy Rush
Sechee Song Rebecca K. Dowgiert
Dodgy Deals Trina L. Short
Feedback John H. Toon
Erase & Rewind James Potter

The Cat Who Walked Through Time[]

The Cat Who Walked Through Time was edited by Thomas and Alryssa Kelly and published in February 2001 to raise funds for a cat shelter in Cincinnati.

Title Writer Notes
The Real Tale of Bast Kirstin Jones
Food For Thought Thomas M. Kelly
The Purrfect Companion Sandy Adams
The Telling Box Shaun Lyon
Catspaw Mark Phippen
Missing Pages Gordon Dempster
Precious Moments Greg McElhatton
Pull Over! Andrean Clark
Gauge Leigh Hunt
All in a Day's Work Andrew Lawston
Stories Stuart Bentley
Unwelcome Guests Jim Catapano
Time Stalking Kathryn Sullivan
Badge of Honour Mark Smith
Eight Cats Paul Cornell
Stray Mechanism Stephen Cole
The Cat Who Walked Through Sevilla Tom Beck
Keeper of the Peace Sietel Singh Gill
Delayed Reaction[3] Jennifer Tifft
Ripples in the Water Steve Lake
Putting the Cat Out Peter Adamson
Cold in the Sun Nick Campbell
Happy To Be Here! Annie Marshall
A Review of Survival Peter Anghelides
Morphic Resonance Arnold T. Blumberg
The Big Cat[4] Simon Bucher-Jones
Siens Fikshen Stewart Sheargold
Cats and Circuses Anna "Lyssie" Cotton
Done With Mirrors (Present Tension) Jonathan Dennis
Feral Planet Jay McIntyre
A Desperate Venture Paul Castle and Alex Naylor
Talking's Good For You Matt Marshall
Messiah Lance Parkin
The Last of Forever John Clifford
The Cats from Outer Space Trina L. Short
K9? Naomi Jacobs
Territorial Markings Dale Smith
Doctor's Orders Heidi Linda
The Cat at the End of the Lane James Enright
Doctor Who and the Terror of the Rani Alden Bates
Whovian Rhapsody Erik Pollitt
A Dinner in Belgravia[5] Diane Duane
GMO Kate Orman
The Cat's Eye Diamond Timothy Rush
Broken Dreams Alryssa Kelly
A Beautiful Day James Ambuehl and Sarah Hadley
Crescendo Susannah Tiller
Mr Tibbles Saves the World John H. Toon
Bad Dog Christopher Taylor

A second volume, The Cat Who Walked Through Time II, was announced for the benefit of the United Coalition of Animals, but plans ultimately fell through. Nonetheless, several stories written for the volume were later released by their authors, including Simon Bucher-Jones' Mr Kitling's Cakes[6] and Jonathan Dennis' Gramps, which was ultimately published in A Romance in Twelve Parts.

Missing Pieces[]

Missing Pieces was a charity anthology edited by Mark Phippen and J. Shaun Lyon and released in March 2001, benefiting the Downs' Syndrome Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death.

Title Writer Notes
Introduction Peter Davison
Aspect of Evil Craig Hinton
Letting Go Jim Catapano
An Inconsequential Death Dave Stone
How the Mighty... Shaun Lyon
Fiction Paradox Damon Cavalchini
Iris Explains Lance Parkin Features licensed use of Miranda. Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion with licensed use of Iris Wildthyme.
A Time to Choose Olivia James
Waste Daniel Blythe
Missing Pieces Jonathan Blum
Time Out David A. McIntee
Dinner Conversation Charles Daniels
Of Chocolates and Queens Kathryn Sullivan
Irresistible Force R.J. Anderson
Magnificent Folly Deborah T. Stevens
The Art of Compassion Alan Taylor
Outside Forces Greg McElhatton
The Great Escape Nick Walters
Revolver Simon John Gerard
The Puppet King Dale Smith
Tea With Cthulhu Lars Pearson
The Ashes of Eden Lorelei S. Jordan
The Dark Domain Nathan A. Skreslet
Dead Men's Place Martin Day
A Whisper of Light Matt Marshall
The Breach Daniel Kukwa
A Tale of Monsters David Bickley
The Killing of a Flash Boy Jonathan Dennis Features Daniel and Anna Joyce.
The Painting Stacey Smith?
The Shadow Knows... Wendy Padbury
The Wings of a Butterfly Colin Baker
Old Scores Bret Herholz
A Stone of the Heart Erin and James Bow
The Last Song I'll Ever Sing Simon Exton
Watch Out! Watch Out! Mags L. Halliday
The Isidore Corporation Sarah Hadley
A Winters Tale Robert Shearman
Rock and a Hard Place Mike Tucker
Fitz Kreiner and the Onion of Doom Stephen Cole
The Doctor and the Dragon Bradley McGrath
Eurydice's Reprieve Greg Gick
Brought to Book Mark Phippen and Paul Leonard
Oblivion Lurks Near the Coffee Machine Sietel Singh Gill
Tempus Refugit James Ambuehl and Simon Bucher-Jones
All The Time In The World Susannah Tiller
Just Love Gregg Smith
On the Town John Peel
The Silent City Jonathan Morris
Self Delusion Jon Andersen
The Arches Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Juggling Zoe Ellis
Mind Over Matter David J. Howe
In The Days of 'The Days of "The Days of Our Lives"'[7] Simon Bucher-Jones
For Queen and Country Dylan Crawfoot and Peter Petroff
Tee Time Trina L. Short
Loose Ends Sue Cowley
Time Gained, Time Lost John S. Drew
Fear and Logarithms in Las Vegas Matt Fitton
The Science of Magic, and Vice Versa (aka Attack of the Gluons) Arnold T. Blumberg
In the Frame Steve Lyons
A Renegades Manifesto Angela P. Wade
Bedlam Helen Fayle
Head in the Sand Gary Russell
Raymond's Rom Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Billion Year Heart Steve Emmerson
Disturbance at the Heron House Keith Topping
Fate Healer Jon de Burgh Miller
Shadows Cast Mike Morris
Casket 44 Alex Steer
While Stocks Last James Potter
Blind Witold Tietze
Coda Joshua Lou Friedman
The Star Racer Trevor Baxendale
The Memory of Stones James Middleditch
Here Again Nick Campbell
Going Home Colin Brake
Eye of the Beholder Tom and Alryssa Kelly
In vino veritas Mark Michalowski
Walk a Mile in My Shoes Julian Eales
Where Were You Tom Beck
Fathers, Friends, and Other Objects of Hate Ian McIntire
Should Have Been Dancing Paul Magrs
A Moment to Myself Mansoon Mir
Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with a Cup of Tea
"Just Who is the Doctor?" Jennifer Tifft
"The Room With No Doors"
"Nursery Verse for a Loomling"
The Dead Series Sketch Peter Anghelides
Afterword Sylvester McCoy

Walking in Eternity[]

The charity anthology Walking in Eternity was edited by Julian Eales and released in May 2001 for the benefit of the Study of Infant Death.

Title Writer Notes
In the Sixties Paul Magrs Features licensed use of Iris Wildthyme. Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion and, with copyright-violating names changed, Twelve Stories.
Pop Culture Reference Scott Longmuir
Over Your Shoulder Simon Exton
Wetware Alex Steer
Changing Rooms (With No Doors) Mark Michalowski
What Does it Profit A Man? Arfie Mansfield
Hall of Me Mike Collins
Satisfaction Guaranteed Arnold Blumberg
Biggles And The Fractured Dimensions Finn Clark
Mercy Kelly Hale
Dark Time John Smith
The Wee Man Iain Hepburn
Cracks in the Pavement Robert Parker
What Guns Do Dale Smith
Dr Who & The Zodiac Of Death David Bishop
The Rainbow Man Robert Smith
Analysis Mark Clapham Features his original characters, the 42nd Doctor and Iphegenia.
Pulp of the Black Lotus Simon Bucher-Jones
Eucatastrophe Mags L. Halliday
Caught in Margate: The Itching Matt Marshall
Cabinet of Changes[8] Philip Purser-Hallard An unofficial epilogue to The Blue Angel. Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion with licensed use of Iris Wildthyme et al.
Feeding Frenzy Stephen Gallagher
True Colours Steven Kitson
To Catch a Fox Philip Parneker
The Courage of My Convictions James Potter
Doctor Crypptic Jon DeBurgh Miller
Davros: The Early Years Rupert Booth, Barry Williams
Constance Paul Ferry
Timebomb Kathryn Sullivan, Selina Lock
The Feast of St Crispin Crispianus Louise Sellers
Man of Smoke and Dust Sarah Hadley, Nick Campbell Introduces Johanna Adell, who would later appear in A Star's View of Caroline.
Executive Action Lance Parkin Expands on the period of early Gallifreyan history seen in Cold Fusion. Features Marvel Comics' Fascination.
Out of the Shadows Dave Whittam
Bell, Book and Candle Jay Eales
Foule Death Nick Lancaster
Thorns Helen Fayle
No Regrets Phil Hall
Loving in a Box Rich Johnston
The Resurrection Event Dave Stone
Dreams Per Chance Ian McIntire
A Tale of Two Teachers Paul 'Brax' Castle
Iris Wildthyme and the Spiders from Magrs Alan Taylor Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion with licensed use of Iris Wildthyme.
Don't Mention the War! John Elledge
Hanging Chads Jonathan Dennis Later referenced in Head of State.


LifeDeath, an anthology edited by Kereth Cowe-Spigai and Patrick Neighly, was released in August 2001 to benefit Amnesty International.

Title Writer Notes
My Brother and the Doctor Ben Brown
At the Beach[9] Simon Bucher-Jones
Something Terribly Important Evan Eaters
And Act of Terrorism William Billingsley
Hayat Doris Speed-Keller
Raisin Jack and the Dead Gang Chris Heffernan
The Unpublished Diaries of Ian Chesterton Patrick Neighly
Act of Kindness Alex Steer
Interlude Peter Anghelides, Stephen Cole
Who Tortures the Torturers? James Enright
Meeting of Minds Craig Hinton
Liberation Kereth Cowe-Spigai
Key to the Future Mark Phippen
Seasons of Fear Paul Cornell A novelisation of the original script of Seasons of Fear.
Grandmother Clause Phil Pascoe
Going Nowhere David Agnew
Skullduggery Keith Topping, Suzanne M. Campagna

Time's Champion[]

In July 2008, Chris McKeon published his completion of the novel Time's Champion, based on Craig Hinton's outline and notes. All proceeds went to the British Heart Foundation. The book was reprinted in November 2020.

Shelf Life[]

Following Craig Hinton's death by heart attack, the charity anthology Shelf Life was released in December 2008 to benefit the British Heart Foundation. It was edited by Julian Eales, David A. McIntee, and Adrian Middleton and dedicated to Hinton's memory.

Title Writer Notes
Preface Jay Eales, David McIntee, Adrian Middleton
Wish You Were Here - A Memorial Andy Lane
Manuscript Found in an Old Bookcase Robbie Langton
Doomsday Minus One Christer Van
The Monster Factory Alec Daniels
Requiescat William Andrews
Relative Dimensions Andrew Cheverton
Third Eye View Chris McKeon
Manchusis Psychosis Roger Clark
Crawlspace Simon A. Forward
The League of Extraterrestrial Gentlemen Dale Smith
Indigenous Species Steve Hatcher
Façade of Demons Andy Lane, Craig Hinton
Tempus Fugit Jen Leavesley
The Darkest Corner Adrian Middleton
Fair Exchange Mike Morgan
Return on Investment Rachel Steffan
Of Eden Stood Disconsolate Rachel Simpson Hutchens
A Very Valeyard Christmas Craig Hinton
The Jumping of the Shark Steve Graeme, Adrian Middleton
The Finest Restaurant Known to Man Jon Arnold
Tears in Time Damon Cavalchini
Time's Champion: Prologue Craig Hinton, Chris McKeon An excerpt from Time's Champion, adapted by McKeon from Hinton's notes.
Perriot le Who? Andrew K Lawston
Room With No Doors Cutaway Kate Orman A deleted scene from The Room With No Doors.
Behold the Martian Matthew Griffiths
Missing Episode Roger Gibson
Dial M for Metaphysics Simon Bucher-Jones
A Meeting of Minds Craig Hinton
One Perfect Twilight
Auld Lang Syne Daniel Tessier
Fearful Symmetry Jim Mortimore
No Place Like Home Stuart Douglas Reprinted in Bafflement and Devotion with licensed use of Iris Wildthyme.
Location Paul Ebbs
Skulduggery Fiona Moore, Alan Stevens Later released as a Kaldor City short story.
Tread on a Track: A Tale of the Malleus Jay Eales
The Watcher Nick Wallace
A Fistful of Drabbles James Ambuehl
Quantum Mnemonics Adrian Middleton
The Legend of Rassilon's Cat
The Quantum Archangel Notes Craig Hinton Notes on The Quantum Archangel.
House of Pain and Pleasure
The Final Word Peter Anghelides, Daniel O'Mahony, Mark Michalowski, Dave Whittam

Voices from the Past[]

Released on 4 May 2011, this e-book only charity anthology contained a The Brenda and Effie Mysteries short story. It was later reprinted in Team Up.

Title Author Notes
The Curious Package Paul Magrs Features Brenda and Effie Jacobs.

The Twelve Doctors of Christmas[]

Doctor Who - The Twelve Doctors of Christmas was a charity anthology edited by John Davies and released December 2013 to benefit the National Autistic Society.

Title Author Notes
The Impossible Pear Tree Lee Rawlings
Victoria 'n' Christmas John Davies
Dr. Hope and Dr. Faith Michael S. Collins
Time Lords Who Lunch Declan May
Gaudi Night Mark Clapham
The Doctor's Portial to Christmas Tony Eccles
A Flight Before Christmas Dan Barratt
Maid of Eight J.R. Southall
Always Christmas Jon Arnold
The Stocking Killers Simon Brett
The Intelligence Strikes Back John Davies
"Thus the Whirligig of Time..." M. William Anderson

Temporal Logbook[]

The Temporal Logbook series of charity anthologies released to benefit charities in British Columbia.

The Temporal Logbook[]

In July 2015, The Temporal Logbook was released to benefit the Positive Living Society of British Columbia. The anthology was edited by Robert Mammone, Jez Strickley, and Bob Furnell.

The Temporal Logbook II[]

In June 2018, The Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys was released to benefit the Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia. It was edited by Robert Mammone and Bob Furnell.

Christmas special novelisations[]

Starting in February 2016, Obverse Books released three unofficial novelisations of Doctor Who Christmas specials in aid of the Cystic Foundation Trust. The books were credited to "The Midnight Folk", a pseudonym for a writing group which included Paul Magrs, Andrew Hickey, Stuart Douglas, Nick Campbell, James Gent, Ira Lightman, Ian Potter, Philip Craggs, and Matthew Bright.

Title Notes
Doctor Who and the Invasion of Christmas A novelisation of The Christmas Invasion in the style of a 1970s Target novelisation. Predates the publication of an actual Target novelisation of the story.
The Christmas Bride A novelisation of The Runaway Bride in the style of an early 1980s Target novelisation.
The Christmas Voyage A novelisation of Voyage of the Damned in the style of a late 1980s Target novelisation.

Time Shadows[]

Two charity anthologies were released in the Time Shadows series.

Time Shadows[]

Time Shadows was edited by Matt Grady and Samuel Gibb and released in June 2016 to benefit the Enable Community Foundation and LimbForge.

Second Nature[]

Time Shadows: Second Nature was released in January 2018 for the benefit of the Canadian Organization for Development through Education. It was edited by Stephen Hatcher.

Target for Tommy[]

Obverse Books published a number of charity books to help fund Tommy Donbavand's recovery from cancer.

A Target for Tommy[]

A Target for Tommy was edited by Stuart Douglas and Paul Magrs and released in July 2016.

Title Writer Notes
Street of Scream Sharon Tregenza
Curse of the Bog Women Barry Hutchison
Miss Hawthorne and the Alpaca of Doom Paul Magrs
The Triplet Impertinence Andrew Jones
Sweetie Sarah Hadley
The Blurred Man Elton Townend Jones
The Time Wrestlers Lawrence Burton Features licensed use of Señor 105.
The Channel Hoppers Daniel Blythe
The Bogeyman Andrew Hickey
Time War Cutaway Andrew Lawston
The Secret Keeper Nick Campbell
Doctor Who and the Vikings Kara Dennison
Eyebrows and Fish Matthew Bright
@allnewdoctorwho Nick Wallace
The Doctor and the Witch Rachel Redhead
What the Who? Philip Ardagh
The Palace Philip Marsh
The Other Three Doctors Iain McLaughlin
Deus Ex Food Machine Roy Gill
Leo Reflects Ian Potter
C♦O♦M♦P♦A♦N♦I♦O♦N♦S Simon A. Forward
Significant Others Blair Bidmead Features licensed use of Theo Possible.
Mapp, Lucia, and the Lords of Time Stuart Douglas
Director's Cut Una McCormack
The Ox Bow Train[10] Simon Bucher-Jones
Rock'n'Roll Alien Stewart Sheargold
The Last Doctor[11] Paul Cornell
Doctor Who and the Mytex Power Stephen Cole Written by Cole at age 11.

A Second Target for Tommy[]

A Second Target for Tommy was released in March 2018.

Title Writer Notes
Eye of Orion? Jay Eales
The Hangover of Injustice Andrew Lawston
The Caterpillar Room Kate Orman A short sequel to The Year of Intelligent Tigers.
Fearmonger Redux (excerpt) Jon Blum
Nipping Out For Some Bits Ian Potter
The Misadventure of Mark Thorne
Wherever and Whenever Cody Schell
From Skaro With Love! Nick Campbell
Horde of Travesties - the Prologues: The Man in the Tree Declan May
Why Though? Ira Lightman
The Runaway Hi-Fi[12] Paul Magrs Features an alternate origin for Panda, also featuring the "Katy Manning" Iris.
Eyebrows and Fish Matt Bright
The Xanthous Knight Blair Bidmead
Repeat Prescription Eddie Robson
Doctor Who: The Special Steven Moffat A deleted Ninth Doctor scene from an early draft of The Day of the Doctor.
- Philip Marsh
The Watcher Nick Wallace
Collateral Damage Matt Barber
The Envelope Please Jonathan Dennis
The Thief of Joy Jon Arnold
Doctor Who and the Exile From Hell Simon Bucher-Jones
When Iris Met Billy Stuart Douglas Republished in Bafflement and Devotion and, with copyright-violating names changed, as First Meetings in Iris: Abroad.
The Same Old Road Ian Potter
Walk A Mile In My Shoes Jay Eales
Fair Ned Netherwood

Cushing novelisations[]

In March 2019 Obverse Books published four novels featuring Peter Cushing's Dr. Who to benefit Tommy Donbavand. They were anonymously written by a well-known Doctor Who author[13] and attributed to "Alan Smithee".

Title Notes
Dr Who and the Daleks A novelisation of Dr. Who and the Daleks.
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. A novelisation of Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..
Dr Who and the Ice Men from Mars A novelisation of an imagined film adaptation of The Ice Warriors.
The Tenth Planet Invades the Moonbase A novelisation of an imagined film adaptation of The Tenth Planet.

A second set of four "novelisations" were released and attributed to David Agnew. As Donbavand had passed at that time, proceeds were donated to the National Health Service for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Title Notes
Dr. Who and the Yeti Invasion of London A novelisation of an imagined film adaptation of The Web of Fear.
Dr Who: Journey into Time An anthology of adaptations of an imagined six-episode continuation of Journey into Time.
Dr Who and the Auton Attack A novelisation of an imagined film adaptation of Spearhead from Space and Terror of the Autons.
Dr Who and the Curse of the Dæmons A novelisation of an imagined film adaptation of The Dæmons.

Following the inclusion of a short story entitled Dr Who and the Faceless Machines in A Target for Antoni, attributed to Robin Bland, a novelisation by "Bland" appeared in March 2022, with proceeds benefitting the British Heart Foundation in the name of Paul Lynas.

Title Notes
Dr Who: Escape to Danger

Seasons of War[]

Seasons of War was a series of unlicensed Doctor Who books published for the benefit of Cauldwell Children.

Tales from a Time War[]

Seasons of War: Tales from a Time War was released in July 2016 and edited by Declan May, Simon Brett, Nicholas Hollands, Warren Frey, and John Davies.

Title Writer Notes
Warsmiths Matt Fitton A sequel to Dark Eyes 3.
Karn Declan May
Crowsnest Past Warren Frey
The Eight Minute War Lee Rawlings
Everything in its Right Place J.R. Southall
Corsair Declan May
The Ambassador From Wolf-Rayet 134 Kate Orman
The Amber Room Simon Brett, John Davies
The Celephas Gift Andrew Smith
The Girl with the Purple Hair (in three parts) Declan May, John Davies First appearance of recurring character Jenny Shirt.
An Historical Curiosity Matthew Sweet
Here Comes the Doctor Christopher Bryant
Your Move John Peel A sequel to War of the Daleks.
Sonnet Jenny Colgan
Disjecta Membra Elton Townend-Jones
Loop Declan May
The Holdover Daniel Wealands
Climbing the Mountain Lance Parkin
Gardening Sami Kelish
Sleepwalking to Paradise Dan Barratt
Guerre Alan P. Jack and Declan May
Lady Leela Declan May
Making Endings Nick Mellish
The Book of Dead Time David Carrington
Driftwood Simon Brett
The Ingenious Gentleman Alan Ronald
Fall Matt Barber
Always Face the Curtain with a Bow Jon Arnold
Help a Stranded Time Traveller Matthew Slyvester
Storage Wars Paul Driscoll
The Postman John Davies
The Thief of All Ways Elliot Thorpe
The Time Lord Who Came to Tea Paul Driscoll
The Nightmare Child Declan May
Meal on Wheels Paul Magrs
Time Enough for War Simon Brett and Jim Mortimore
Doctor Death Barnaby Eaton-Jones
The Beach Gary Russell
The Moments In Between George Mann Features licensed use of Cinder from Engines of War.
The Horde of Travesties Declan May Introduces the Chronosmiths, who would later appear in the novel Season of War: Gallifrey and The Chronosmith Chronicles.


Seasons of War: Gallifrey was a novel by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison released from Altrix Books in August 2018. It featured the Chronosmiths as introduced in Seasons of War: Tales from a Time War and introduced original characters who would go on to appear in Driscol and Dennison's fully-licensed Chronosmith Chronicles novels.

101 Claras to See[]

101 Claras to See was a charity anthology edited by Caitlin Smith and Defne Sastim, with contributors including Elizabeth Sandifer. Named in reference to 101 Places to See, it included 101 pieces of art, fiction, and essays about Clara Oswald. It was released September 2016 to benefit the One to Ochildren's Fund, a charity for which Jenna Coleman was an ambassador.

The Fescan Threat[]

Doctor Who and the Fescan Threat was a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book written by Christopher Samuel Stone and released in October 2016 to benefit MIND, the mental health charity.

A Time Lord for Change[]

A Time Lord for Change in an Exciting Adventure with the Drabbles was edited by Elton Townend Jones, featuring many "prominent names from Doctor Who itself", such as Colin Baker and Andrew Cartmel, and was published in November 2016 to benefit MIND and Rethink Mental Illness' "Time to Change" mental health campaign. Like Drabble Who 23 years prior, it was an anthology of hundred-word drabbles: specifically, one for each episode of Doctor Who.

Nine Lives[]

Nine Lives was edited by Scott Claringbold and released by Red Ted Books in April 2017 to benefit the MS Society and the Stroke Association. Each story featured the Ninth Doctor from Scream of the Shalka and his companion Alison Cheney. The anthology was notably released one month after Obverse Books' Black Archive reference book Scream of the Shalka.

Title Writer Notes
Foreword Paul Cornell
Prologue Scott Claringbold
The Freelance Gardener Kevin Candela
A Storm Approaches Nathan Mullins
Six Green Bottles Jamie Hailstone
Dark Media Kara Dennison
Breaking the Fourth Rachel Redhead Features Judy Collins and references the Raithaduine.
The Prototype Stuart Douglas
The Library on Barnes Common Nick Campbell
The Curse of the Time Lords Paul Driscoll
Frozen in Time Daniel Tessier
Sleeper Awakes Scott Claringbold

Easy Dalekese[]

Easy Dalekese was published by Obverse Books in 2017, and edited by Finn Clark, for the benefits of Children in Need. It explored the various representation of the Dalek language throughout Doctor Who, and the linguistic rules of it.

Whoblique Strategies[]

Published by Chinbeard Books in 2017, and edited by Elton Townend Jones, Whoblique Strategies is a collection of short fiction pieces mixing the work of Brian Eno and David Bowie with the world of Doctor Who to create something new. All proceeds were donated to Children in Need.

Professor Howe[]

The Professor Howe series of parody novels featured a "rather rubbish" traveler in space and time known as Professor Howe. All proceeds were donated to Children in Need.

Title Writer Release date Notes
Professor Howe and the Toothless Tribe Christopher Samuel Stone October 2017
Professor Howe and the Viciousal Vloggers Ian K. Cimm April 2018 Released after the third instalment.
Professor Howe and the Sinister Sneeze Ann Worrall March 2018
Professor Howe and the Plastic Peril Jamie Hailstone June 2018
Professor Howe and the Terrible Tarrants Christopher Samuel Stone August 2018
Professor Howe and the Shanghaied Scientists Jamie Hailstone May 2019
Professor Howe and the European Exit Christopher Samuel Stone October 2019
Professor Howe and the Furious Foam Simon Bucher-Jones March 2020
Professor Howe and the Crafty Count Jamie Hailstone July 2020
Professor Howe and the Chaotic Courtroom Don Klees September 2020
Professor Howe and the Dad Dilemma Lisa Hamlin December 2020
Professor Howe and the Holy Hotel Paul Driscoll

Children of Time[]

Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who was a collection of essays and non-fiction commentaries on various Doctor Who companion throughout the history of the franchise. It was published by kOZMIC PRESS in May 2018, and edited by R. Alan Siler and Drew Meyer. It included contributions from various actors, such as Mark Strickson, Katy Manning and Daphne Ashbrook. All proceeds were donated to the charity Furkids.

A Pile of Good Things[]

A Pile of Good Things: an 11th Doctor Charity Zine was released in 2018. It was edited by Ginger Hoesly. All profits were donated to The Cancer Research Institute.

The Hybrid[]

The Hybrid: a 12th Doctor & Clara Oswald Charity Zine was released in October 2018. It was edited by Ginger Hoesly with Sophie Iles as a contributing artist, and all proceeds were donated to the One to One Children's Fund.

Mild Curiosities[]

Mild Curiosities: An Ian & Barbara Fanzine was a charity anthology edited by Sophie Iles and James Bojaciuk. It was released in December 2018 for the benefit of Breast Cancer Now, in memory of Jacqueline Hill.


Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space was released in January 2019 to benefit the Against Malaria Foundation. It was edited by Jacob Black, Frank Holder, James Maddox, Anne-Laure Tuduri, and Niki Haringsma. In the style of Big Finish Productions' Unbound series, each story featured another "What if" story in the Doctor Who universe.

Defending Earth[]

Defending Earth: The Adventures of Sarah Jane Smith was a charity anthology edited by M.H. Norris, involved the work of Sophie Iles and others, and released in February 2019 to benefit the Cancer Research Institute.

Master Pieces[]

Master Pieces: Misadventures in Space and Time was edited by Paul Driscoll and released in November 2019 to benefit The Stroke Association. It featured the work of writers like Tim Gambrell and Iain McLaughlin.

Title Writer Notes
Bandages Chris McKeon
The House on McQueen Street Scott Claringbold
Everything He Ever Wanted Mike Morgan
Master Chef Lee Rawlings
Conversion Therapy Paul Driscoll
Fallen Angel Dan Barratt
Pulling Wings Off Flies Jon Arnold
The Greater of Two Evils Mark McManus
An Alien Aspect Richard Gurl
Plaything Tim Gambrell
Parental Controls Daniel Wealands
Splinter of Eternity Iain McLaughlin Features licensed use of Erimem and Erimem series characters.
The Devil You Know Daniel Tessier
One Night in Wartime Stephen Hatcher
The Patient Tim Gambrell
Quod Periit, Periit Simon A Brett
Cheese, Beans, and Toast Sami Kelsh
Auntie Mary Kara Dennison
The Diamond of the Gods Nathan Mullins
The Shell Game Rachel Redhead
Viva La Vera Paul Driscoll

Time Scope[]

The Time Scope charity anthologies were edited by Matthew Rimmer and benefitted Scope, the disability equality charity.

Time Scope[]

Time Scope was released in July 2020.

Title Writer Notes
A Fight For Change Linda Puchala
The Journey Begins Jon Arnold
The Eye of the Beholder Jonathan Bunney
Returning Susan Paul J. Guest
A Connection of Years Since Edward Buckton
The Jobless One Martin Belam
A Nobby One Michael Dennis
Paper Chase Toby Hadoke
Incoming Transmission Katy Manning A formally untitled poem.
An Unexpected Interlude Don Klees
Friends and Monsters James Goss
Distance, Not Distant Justin Bush
Reflection Antonio Amaral
The Mega - Prologue Simon Guerrier A deleted scene from The Mega.
Blue Monday Ian Morgan
Powerdown Patrick McCafferty
Helix Ian Morgan
Working From TARDIS Mike Morgan
Dysconnection' Joseph Jones
Sara Kingdom Trilogy Part 4 Simon Guerrier Outlines the unproduced audio story Survivors.
The Furlough of Turlough Matthew Rimmer
The Botcherby Inheritance Pete Lambert
Graphic Finance Steve Woolfall
Time and Tide Martin Montague
Time Flies Rae Marie
Practical Optics for Time-Travellers Kitty Eden
Heroes Ben Rawson-Jones
Sound Asleep Matthew Rimmer
Rhyme and the Rani James Goss A previously-unpublished poem originally intended for Now We Are Six Hundred.
Aces Low Charlotte Pringle
In The Soup Steve Woolfall
Salute James Hawkins
Redecorating Oliver S. Jackson
Far More J.E. Remy
Get Me Out Of Here Geoffrey D. Wessel
Stranded Gabriel Keogh
Planet of the Hats Matthew Rimmer
Something Familiar Paul Burns
Luminary William Carter
The Reward Bobble Bardsley
Love At First Touch E. J. Coates
Treasure The Stars Alec Hepburn
The Old Man and The Stranger James Postans
The Gift Outside Samuel Johnstone
The Loneliness Of A Time Traveller Ben Coleman
Lunchtime David R. Johnstone
Talent Strange Seawolf
Only The Lights E.J. Robison
Good Company Strange Seawolf
Note To Self Dave Ladkin
A Remedy of Sorts Jamie H. Cowan
Words for the Overture Blair Mowat Adapts the opening scene of Queen of Rhodia.
Absent Friends Dewi Small
Auld Acquaintances Ben Tedds
Art and the Lecturer Dominic G. Martin
Regeneration Sam 'Jesta' Geden
Message Begins Rogan Clark
Who Loves Ya? Martin Holmes
Smoke and Air Mat Greenfield
Homecoming Matthew Rimmer

Twice Upon a Time Scope[]

Twice Upon a Time Scope was released in winter 2020. Alongside the listed stories, it also included art and memories of working on the show from cast and crew including Nicola Bryant and Neve McIntosh.

Title Writer Notes
The TARDIS That Stole Christmas E.J. Robison
The Christmas Club Matthew Rimmer
Moments In Time Jamie H. Cowan
A Victoria Christmas Paul J. Guest
Red Velvet Alice Dryden
Lights Richard Orr
The Christmas Wizard Martin Montague
The Nightmare Present Paul Burns
The Frenzy of Advent Joseph Jones
The Big Pink Box Bryan Simcott
God Rest Ye Merry Cybermen Ben Rawson-Jones
Christmas Time Trevor Baxendale
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree Alec Hepburn
Christmas on Zarogon Jonathan Bunney
A Christmas Off-World Nathan Mullins
Conversations With People You Haven't Met Yet Mike Morgan
Mayfly William Carter
Photographic Memory Sam 'Jesta' Geden
Grace Under Pressure Matthew Rimmer
The War on Christmas
A Deleted Scene From The Juror's Story Eddie Robson Presents a deleted scene from an earlier draft of The Juror's Story from Short Trips: Repercussions.
The Holly And The Doctor Ian Morgan
What Jackie Did Next Samuel Johnstone
How the Graske Stole Christmas E.J. Coates
Christmas in Croydon Matthew Rimmer
Have Yourself A Torchwood Little Christmas Samuel Johnstone
It's A Bug's Wonderful Life Matthew Rimmer
The Jack Who Stole Christmas Cornelius Blanc Featuring licensed use of Linda Moss and the Boehemoth from Doctor Who: Lockdown! Fan Gallery.
Sarah Jane's Christmas Steve Woolfall
Last Night on Mars William Carter
Christmas on Paternoster Row Oliver S. Jackson
Christmas in Paris Matthew Rimmer
Christmas for Christmas Mercury A.O.C.A
I Don't Believe in Ghosts Jonathan Morris
What's in the Box? Bobble Bardsley
The Christmas of the Doctor David R. Johnstone
Single Booking Oliver Dallas
The Naxos Invasion Ian Morgan
(Not So) Silent Night Dewi Small
Something in the Water James Hawkins
The Twelve Docs of Christmas Bobble Bardsley
23:59 William Carter

The Curse of Fanfic![]

Obverse Books released an anthology of unlicensed crossover stories called The Curse of Fanfic! in August 2020 to benefit Parkinson's UK. It was edited by Paul Castle and included 26 stories, three of which were crossovers with the Doctor Who universe.

Title Writer Notes
The Fox Files[14][15] Paul Magrs
Gadget Goes to Launch Daniel Tessier
It's Raining Gin Jon Arnold Features the "Katy Manning" Iris, Panda, and the Celestial Omnibus.
Tomorrow the Rat Simon Bucher-Jones Crossed over with the Doctor in an online coda.[16]

Forgotten Lives[]

Forgotten Lives was edited by Philip Purser-Hallard and published by Obverse Books in November 2020 to benefit Alzheimer's Research UK. Each story featured another one of the "Morbius" Doctors, as well as illustrations by Paul Hanley.

Title Writer Notes
The Knocking in the Mineshaft Simon Bucher-Jones
House of Images Philip Purser-Hallard Depicts the TARDIS as a "cabinet" of light.
The Cross of Venus Andrew Hickey
Gauntlet of Absolution Kara Dennison
Past Lives Lance Parkin Revisits the Douglas Camfield Doctor from Parkin's novel Cold Fusion.
Valhalla Must Fall! Aditya Bidikar
The Other Side Jay Eales
Doctor Crocus and the Pages of Fear Paul Driscoll

Master Works[]

Master Works was published in 2020, and edited by Elizabeth A. Allen. It was an anthology focusing on the Doctor's companions and the Master. It benefited Migrant Justice.

Light in the Dark[]

Light in the Dark: an Eight Doctor Charity Zine was published in 2020 and edited by Billie Tenhage. All profits went to the Walton Center NHS.


Regenerations was published in August 2020 by Chinbeard Books, and edited by Kenton Hall. It was an anthology surrounding the War Doctor, and was based on a concept originating from the Seasons of War charity anthology. All profits went to Invest in ME.

Bafflement and Devotion[]

Bafflement and Devotion: Iris at the Edges was a 2021 Obverse Books Iris Wildthyme anthology benefiting the Project Muyembe charity. Each story featured licensed use of Iris Wildthyme.

Title Writer Notes
Bafflement and Devotion Paul Magrs Previously published in DWM 289.
In the Sixties Previously published in Walking in Eternity and, with copyright-violating names changed, Twelve Stories.
Being an Extract from 'The Amazing Adventures of Iris Wildthyme on Neptune' Previously published in Tales of the Solar System.
An Unearthly Palaver Features licensed use of Panda. A retelling of An Unearthly Child, with Iris and the Panda replacing The Doctor and Susan. Intended as a stageplay for the G’Day of the Doctor convention.
Entertaining Mr O Features licensed use of Tom. Previously published in Perfect Timing. Received a partial continuation in Talented Witches.
Hospitality Previously published in Iris: Abroad.
It's Raining Again Previously published in Perfect Timing.
Iris Explains Lance Parkin Features licensed use of Miranda Dawkins. Previously published in Missing Pieces.
A World Apart Daniel Tessier Previously published on the Iris Wildthyme Pages website.
No Place Like Home Stuart Douglas Previously published in Shelf Life.
Faking It Philip Marsh Previously published on the Iris Wildthyme Pages website.
Iris Wildthyme and the Spiders from Magrs Alan Taylor Previously published in Walking in Eternity.
Iris and the Outsider Simon Bucher-Jones Previously published on the Iris Wildthyme Pages website.
Cabinet of Changes Philip Purser-Hallard Features licensed use of Sally, Canine, and Magda. Previously published in Walking in Eternity.
Deleted Scene from The Key Lime Pie 2 Time Cody Schell Features licensed use of Señor 105, Panda, and the Masterbakers of Barastabon. Previously published an ebook-only extra to Iris: Abroad.
Lost, Presumably Illogically Ignored Unknown Attributed to an old FTP server.
When Iris Met Billy Stuart Douglas Previously published in A Second Target for Tommy and, with copyright-violating names changed, as First Meetings in Iris: Abroad.

Gender Who?[]

Released on 17 February 2021, Gender Who? was an anthology celebrating trans, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming characters and themes; the anthology contained short stories, essays, and artwork, with the proceeds going to the Pride Center of Vermont.

Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter[]

Released on 17 March 2021, proceeds from Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter went to British Columbia Cancer Foundation. The anthology had contributions from Paul Magrs and Simon Bucher-Jones, among others.

Painting It Black[]

Released on 14 April 2021, Painting It Black was an anthology celebrating the Black characters of Doctor Who. All proceeds were split between the House of GG and Black Lives Matter.

Thirteen Fanzine[]

Thirteen: An Unofficial Doctor Who Fanzine was a fanzine focused on the Thirteenth Doctor era. Three volumes were released between 2019 and April 2022, with all proceeds going to Unicef.


  • The Nightmare Fair (April 2003, produced by Argolis, benefiting Sense)
  • The Final Game (Summer 2018-Summer 2020, produced by Black Glove Studio/Studio Severn)

Cover gallery[]



Professor Howe[]

The Professor Howe series of books were each parodies of specific Doctor Who episodes. All proceeds raised for the sale of the books went to Children in Need.


Licensed spin-offs[]

The Chronosmith Chronicles[]

The Chronosmith Chronicles is a Science fiction prose series overseen by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison.

Driscoll had previously contributed to the 2016 charity anthology Seasons of War: Tales from a Time War by Declan May. The final story of this anthology, The Horde of Travesties, was written by May and introduced a group known as the Chronosmiths. Following the anthology's release Driscoll and Dennison founded Altrix Books and released the charity novel Seasons of War: Gallifrey, with involvement from May, which featured the Chronosmiths. For this novel Driscoll and Dennison each created two characters: Mordicai and Tor Fasa, and Savalia and Kendo, respectively.

These four original characters were later featured in Driscoll and Dennison's The Chronosmith Chronicles with two stories, After Vincent and Elanor's Tears, having been released by 2020.