Character Options manufactured Doctor Who action figures in the 5" scale that tied into the 2011 series (series 6) of Doctor Who. Though the line did not include representations of every character in the series, it did incorporate many of them, as detailed below.

As was usual for Character Options, the figures were not actually 5" tall. Instead the Dalek figure was 5" tall, and all others were scaled to match it.[1] Figures were often released in batches, referred to as "Waves". Thus, a figure might be said to be in "Wave 1", or "Wave 2" for example. Certain variations of particular figures may appear in different ways, as shown below.

Note that not all figures released in this series were from the corresponding series of the television show. One example is the individual figure release of River Song, whose appearance is based on her appearance in series 5 of the revived show.

Regular character figures Edit

Eleventh Doctor Edit

  • The Ganger Doctor and normal Eleventh Doctor figures came packaged with the Flesh substance and a Flesh mask. An Eleventh Doctor with beard came in Wave 1C.

Amy Pond Edit

  • The single release Amelia Pond figure was labelled as part of Series 5's figure range, but was marketed with the Series 6 range.

River Song Edit

  • Figure based on River Song as seen in TV: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.
  • The River Song and Pandorica chair release was a Comic Con exclusive, but later found its way to retailer Forbidden Planet.
  • A similar but not identical River was sold as a single release. This included The Flesh substance and a Flesh mask.
  • Both figures are from Series 5, but were released alongside Series 6's figure range.

Individual releases Edit

Astronaut Edit

  • Figure based on NASA astronaut as seen in TV: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.
  • This figure came packaged with the Flesh substance and a Flesh mask.
  • The astronaut's visor can be lifted to reveal Melody Pond inside the space suit.

Idris Edit

  • Figure based on Idris as seen in TV: The Doctor's Wife.
  • The first Idris release came with no extra accessories, Later releases were bundled with either the Flesh substance, a Flesh mask and one Hypercube; or five hypercubes and no Flesh accessories.

Ood: Nephew Edit

Silent Edit

  • Two variant figures based on Silents as seen in Series Six were released featuring open and closed mouths. To scale the Silents were noticeable larger than other figures in the range.

Uncle Edit

Footnotes Edit

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