Character Options manufactured Doctor Who action figures in the 5" scale which tied into the 2007 series of Doctor Who, as well as Time Crash and Voyage of the Damned.

As was customary for Character Options, the figures were not actually 5" tall. The Dalek figure was 5" tall. All others were scaled to match it.[1] Figures were often released in batches, referred to as "Waves". Thus, a figure might be said to be in "Wave 1", or "Wave 2" for example.

Bannakaffalatta Edit

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Captain Jack Harkness Edit

Dalek Sec Hybrid Edit

The Doctor Edit

  • There were several Tenth Doctor variants released:
The Tenth Doctor in blue suit costume wearing glasses with sonic screwdriver.
The Tenth Doctor in brown suit with 3D glasses. This variant came packaged with an exclusive Top Trumps card.

The Doctor Space-suited Edit

  • The spacesuit worn by the Doctor was available in red (from 42) and orange (from The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit and The Waters of Mars) and had a detachable helmet with a plug-in air pipe.
  • A further release featured the Tenth Doctor in orange spacesuit flanked with the two flasks from The Satan Pit.

Doctor Aged and Ancient Doctor Edit

  • Aged Doctor and Ancient Doctor, as seen in The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
  • Includes collect-and-build Gelth Phantom part.
  • Aged Doctor was originally going to be released in the Last of the Time Lords set, but the set was cancelled.

Judoon Leader Edit

Judoon Trooper Edit

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The Master Edit

  • The Master was available in a Utopia box set featuring the Master as Professor Yana, the regenerated Master in Professor Yana's clothes, the Tenth Doctor and Martha.
  • The Professor Yana figure was also available separately.
  • The Master (aka Harold Saxon) was available separately, packaged with his laser screwdriver.
  • The Master (aka Harold Saxon) was also available separately, with two Toclafane spheres with detachable clear plastic stands and laser screwdriver.
  • A further release as part of a Collect-and-build Gelth Phantom saw the release of the Master (aka Harold Saxon) in Professor Yana's costume just after his regeneration.
  • An additional figure of the Master (as seen in The Deadly Assassin) was released under the Classic series.

Martha Jones Edit

Two Martha Jones figures were released in this series:

Novice Hame Edit

Professor Yana Edit

  • Professor Yana available single carded, or in a Utopia figure boxset with the Doctor series 3 figure, Martha Jones and the Master in Yana's clothes.

Scarecrow Edit

An animated scarecrow from Human Nature/The Family of Blood in three versions, with three different colours each of tie, face, and tunic.

Time Lord Edit

Weeping Angel Edit

  • Weeping Angel in two versions, one neutral face, one angry face.
  • in 2010 these were rereleased, along with a new variant (Series Five).

Racnoss Edit

Daleks in Manhattan set Edit

Series Three figure set Edit

  • This Series 3 Set was comprised of Captain Jack Harkness, a Time Lord and Hal Korwin (from 42).
  • This variant of Captain Jack Harkness in a blue shirt and holster came with a revolver.
  • Unusually, this set was in a rectangular, green-coloured foil, square-edged box.

Footnotes Edit

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