Character Options manufactured Doctor Who action figures in the 5" scale which tied into the 2005 series of Doctor Who, as well as the 2005 Christmas Special The Christmas Invasion.

Because this was the first in the 21st century line of action figures, it set the standard for those that followed. For instance, most figures are not really five inches tall. The Dalek is 5" tall and all other figures scaled to match the Dalek's height.[1]

Regular character figures Edit

The Doctor Edit

  • A figure of the Ninth Doctor as depicted throughout the first series.
  • There are two different sculpts of this figure, one with a very dynamic pose but minimal articulation and another in a more neutral pose with more articulation.
  • At different times Ninth Doctor figures have been made available with either green or burgundy shirts. The figure packaged with Auton parts has a burgundy shirt.
  • The increased articulation version was available with sonic screwdriver or with plastic bomb, Auton arm and duplicate Mickey's head.
  • The Ninth Doctor was also available in a two pack with the Tenth Doctor in the same outfit.
  • A figure of the Tenth Doctor still wearing the clothes of the Ninth.
  • This figure was available in a two-pack with the Ninth Doctor or single-carded.

Rose Tyler Edit

  • A figure of companion Rose Tyler as she appears early in series 1.
  • Rose was one of the first figures released as part of a Radio Control Dalek battle pack.
  • She was later available carded with either K9 or two robotic spiders (as seen in The End of the World).
  • This figure has lower levels of articulation than was typical for this line.

Captain Jack Harkness Edit

  • Several versions of Captain Jack Harkness have been released. One is in RAF uniform, packaged with either a removable cap or with Empty Child and Squareness Gun, as seen in The Empty Child.
  • Another version of Jack was available. This featured a non-removable overcoat and revolver.

Other figures Edit

Auton Edit

  • An Auton as seen in Rose.
  • The Auton is articulated at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and neck. Two Autons, both with black jackets but different shirts and skin tones were available in a two pack. An Auton with a grey jacket was also available separately. All versions of the Auton had twisting fingers to (inaccurately) replicate their opening hands in the show.

Dalek Edit

  • Several versions of the basic Dalek as seen in Dalek and elsewhere have been released. The basic Dalek body features rolling wheels, turning head, elevating and detachable eyestalk and arms that are ball jointed and detachable. A version was available with Genetic Print and another with Mutant Reveal.
  • The Assault Dalek had a combination claw/welding torch manipulator arm as seen in The Parting of the Ways. The figure features rolling wheels, turning head, elevating eyestalk and ball jointed arms. The eyestalk and arms are removable to be compatible with the Genesis Ark playset. The Assault Dalek was later released in a darker bronze colour as a SDCC Exclusive. As with all of the Character Options Dalek toys, the paint deco includes a name Glyph.

Doctor Constantine Edit

The Editor Edit

  • A figure of the Editor from The Long Game.
  • This figure is articulated at the shoulders, biceps, elbow, hips, knees, waist and neck.

Empty Child Edit

  • A figure of the Empty Child from The Empty Child.
  • This figure was either available packaged with Captain Jack and is articulated at the shoulders, hips, waist and neck or it was sold in with a variety of other characters in a multi pack.

The Face of Boe Edit

  • A figure of the Face of Boe from The End of the World and The Long Game was released as a larger deluxe model in the range and featured facial movement from a slider on the top of the tank.

Gelth Phantom Edit

  • A figure of the Gelth phantom from The Unquiet Dead.
  • This figure was only available in parts with a wave of figures released in early 2009 as a Collect-and Build.

Gelth Zombie Edit

  • A figure of the corpse of Mrs Peace reanimated by the Gelth in The Unquiet Dead.
  • A variant was available that added glow in the dark paint to the figure's head and hands.

Jabe Edit

Moxx of Balhoon Edit

  • A figure of the Moxx of Balhoon from The End of the World.
  • This figure featured pull back action and articulated shoulders and neck. Also included were two robotic spiders.

Reaper Edit

  • A figure of a Reaper from Father's Day.
  • This was released as a deluxe model in the series and came with its own stand.
  • A coloured light on the Reaper's chest could be activated at the press of a button.

Slitheen Edit

Space Pig Edit

  • A figure of the humanoid pig creature from Aliens of London was available with a Slitheen. It is articulated at the shoulders, hips, waist and neck.

Sycorax Leader Edit

Sycorax warrior Edit

Footnotes Edit

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