This page details the Doctor Who Action Figures released by Character Options, who currently own the rights to produce action figures for the BBC Wales series of Doctor Who. Visit Character Options SJA action figures for a list of action figures from The Sarah Jane Adventures and Character Options classic series action figures for a complete list of figures from the classic series.

List of Character Group 5 inch Doctor Who action figures to date[]

Series 1[]

See Character Options series 1 action figures

Note that due to the size of some figures at the 5" scale, said figures were released as boxed sets rather than in the standard figure packaging. Such figures included the Reaper and the Face of Boe.

Series 2[]

See Character Options series 2 action figures

Series 3[]

See Character Options series 3 action figures

Series 4[]

See Character Options series 4 action figures

Series 5[]

See Character Options series 5 action figures

Note: The 'Pandorica' wave consisted of figures that were either re-releases of figures from this wave or special variants of such figures. Each one included a wall with a CD containing a part of an exclusive audio book. The 'walls' could be used to form the complete Pandorica when combined with the 2011 'River Song with Pandorica Chair' set.

Series 6[]

See Character Options series 6 action figures

Series 7[]

List of Character Options 3.75 inch scale figures[]

Series 7 Wave 1

Series 7 Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

  • Twelfth Doctor in caretaker's apparel
  • Twelfth Doctor in spacesuit
  • Tenth Doctor in spacesuit
  • Danny Pink (as converted Cyberman)
  • Supreme Dalek from Planet of the Daleks
  • The Foretold
  • Rusty the Dalek


Classic range[]

Wave 1[]

Ages of Steel[]

San Diego Comic Convention exclusives for 2009[]

As Part of The Fourth Doctor Adventure Set:

From Dalek Collector's sets:

The Second Wave of Classic figures was:

Forbidden Planet Exclusive Figure Sets[]

The Range of Sound FX Daleks was:

New Series action figure sets[]

B&M Collectors Sets[]

Online Exclusives (2020 Onwards)[]

List of 3.75 Inch Scale Playsets[]

Into the Dalek Set[]

A 3.75" Argos exclsuive set was released in 2015 based on TV: Into the Dalek

Included Rusty the Dalek, Twelfth Doctor, Clara, Dalek and various items.

50th Anniversary Set[]

A set based on the Fiftieth Anniversary Special Episode was made for the 3.75" scale and was released as a ToysRus exclusive.

Included Zygon, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor.