Character Options has been the holder of the BBC's main toy licence since 2005. It has produced high quality and collectible toys and action figures drawing on the new and classic series of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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The company began manufacturing a range of LEGOesque "construction toys" in the spring of 2011. The so-called "Character Building" range was comprised of 30 micro-figures, mostly drawn from series 6 of Doctor Who.

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See the above link for a comprehensive listing which includes:

  • Gadgets / Prop Models
  • Games
  • Remote Control
  • Voice Changers

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As of the conclusion of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Character Options have never held a licence to produce Torchwood merchandise. Torchwood figures are instead manufactured by a different company, SciFi Collector. This is probably because of Torchwood's more mature rating. However a number of Captain Jack Harkness figures have been produced under the Doctor Who licence.

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