Changes Everything was the first audio episode of Aliens Among Us. It showed for the first time the barely restored post-Miracle Day Torchwood Three. The story introduced new characters Tyler Steele and Ng and established St John Colchester as a civil servant helping Torchwood back to its feet after being shut down. The story touches upon the themes of refugees and aliens.

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Tyler Steele has washed up in Cardiff looking for a fresh start. A disgraced journalist, he's looking into the Red Doors movement – are they really behind the terrorist attacks on immigrants? Who is stirring up the racism and hatred in the city, and what does outsourcing contractor 3Sol have to do with it? Tyler finds out that Torchwood - a secret organisation that everyone thought long gone - is back in business. Tyler realises that this is the second chance he's been looking for, and he'll do anything to be a part of it.

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