Changes was a Sixth Doctor comic strip published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was significant for showing many parts of the Doctor's TARDIS other than the control room and corridors usually seen on television.

This story also included the appearance of another shapeshifter aboard the TARDIS: the Kymbra Chimera. This Chimera took on the appearance of both the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown.

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Peri and Frobisher are rummaging through a storage room in the TARDIS. Peri is so taken aback by the cultural treasures she discovers that she doesn't pay attention when the Sixth Doctor reports that there is an intruder aboard the TARDIS. Peri and Frobisher decide to explore the TARDIS some more, while the Doctor investigates the intruder. The Doctor discovers a Swuffle he brought aboard was in fact a shapeshifter, a Kymbra Chimera. The shifter changes to the form of Peri, but Frobisher quickly spots the difference: Peri's clothes and necklace are fused into "her" flesh, as the Chimera is unable to duplicate clothing. The Chimera and Frobisher fight as the Doctor discovers a way to suck the intruder out the TARDIS. He does so in the nick of time.

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  • Other items visible in the TARDIS storage room include a National Geographic Magazine, assorted toys, a globe, a map of Barsoom, a Dalek construction kit and a 78 rpm record by Bill Haley.
  • When the Doctor and Frobisher walk through the TARDIS interior, Bessie is seen stored in a darkened room.
  • There is also a populated TARDIS zoo, which the Doctor describes as a "way station" where he keeps endangered animals, often saving them from extinction.
  • The TARDIS' state of temporal grace, which renders weapons useless, does not function when the ship is in "normal space".

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